Photo-A-Day #544 10/04/06

Okay, you can either look at this like it is me stuck in the carrier or the view that Ollie or Duncan have from their carrier. Why a picture of the carrier anyway. Well it goes back to yesterday.

Yesterday I got home from work. I had to clean up the bathroom because the little demons had shredded another roll of toilet paper. You see, they like to do this and they make those double rolls look like a snowstorm in the bathroom. We have to hide the toilet paper in an empty tissue box. This as been a source of confusion for our guests over the years. Usually we catch folks before they go into the bathroom and give them an odd warning of “Our Toilet Paper is in the Tissue Box.” I wonder what folks think when they see this?

Amyway after I cleaned that up I made myself a snack and sat down on the couch. I immediately was hit with this terrible stench. I thought, “What is that smell?!” and then immediately, “Why is my ass all wet!?” I jumped up off of the couch and turned to see a huge wet ring on the slipcover. One of the boys had peed on the couch. So I changed my pants, took off the slipcover and took the cushion in to another room and added some baking soda stuff to it to get out the smell. But which of the boys peed on the couch? This had never happened before. Our only accident that ever happened was when Oliver was locked in the living room for two days and he peed in his cat bed. But my main suspect was little Ollie. He took off like a shot the moment I got into the house. He looked ashamed and he was avoiding us. Yep, must be Ollie.

Fast forward to today. I woke up to find that the other slipcover was defiled, this time with kitty vomit. Great, another cover to wash, fun, fun. So I called the vet and they took Ollie in today right away. Boy-cats are very susceptible to urinary tract infections. And it can become very serious, very quickly. So both Allison and I were very worried. The vet was very nice. She told me that Ollie has a small bladder so we will have to make sure that he’s doing alright later in life, but he had no temp and we decided to put him on some antibiotics. We’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Getting Oliver into the cat carrier was not fun at all and once I got him home I had to give him the antibiotic. So I ended up going to the gym already sweating pretty good. Tomorrow… Round Two: Duncan goes to the vet.