Photo-A-Day #545 10/05/06

Okay, you spend three days with cat problems, you get three cat related pictures. Sorry. Little Bubba (Ollie bubba to us) is getting his medicine, and he doesn’t like it. At least he doesn’t like taking it, he eats it up fine. Note: Don’t try to give medicine and take a picture at the same time.

Anyway LOST premiered last night and it was awesome! I just love that show. Here are a few things you may or may not have noticed. The book that they were reading was Carrie by Stephen King. One of the characters has a first edition copy too.

Here is the cover for the First Edition of Carrie.

I rewatched a few pieces of the show online this evening and caught a few things. Right after the 1st commercial and the flashback with Jack he had a crossword puzzle. I print screened the image and flipped it 180 degrees and looked for a few words. What I found was raft, Vital Statistics, Necessary Evils, and Heroes. If you do the same thing and look at the stuff going down some of the words aren’t even words, so I think that the words I found were deliberately put there. See for yourself.

The episode was a great beginning to the season. I especially liked Sawyer in the Skinner Box. That also in my opinion explains where the polar bears came from, but not why they are roaming free. Some people are saying that where everyone was placed indicates something about their character, Sawyer in a cage because he is an animal, Jack in an aquarium/fishbowl because he feels he is constantly being evaluated and scrutinized. Kate is first free and in a pretty dress but is then thrown into a cage as well. This is probably because of the choices she made in her life too. I can’t wait to see what happens in the coming season. You can watch the first episode on for free.

We also watched The Nine. That was a decent show. You can watch that online too.