Photo-A-Day #548 10/08/06

Photo-A-Day #548 10/08/06, originally uploaded by abennett96.

Today Allison and I went to IKEA and picked up our new bed. We got the Queen Size NORESUND. That was thanks to Uncle Tom, Thank you. We met up with Dan and Marcia and cruised through the store, had some lunch there and picked up a few other things for the house. We got the mirror that goes with the bed frame and a hanging thing that also goes with the bed frame (Don’t ask me what it is exactly but it goes on the wall and has three canvas holders.) We also picked up a cat pillow for the boys and some cool little glass dishes for cooking (To hold small amounts of spices and whatnot, just like Alton)

Speaking of Alton, we’ve finally gotten the time to sit and watch Feasting on Asphalt and we both love it so much. I can watch Alton’s shows all the time, you learn so much and he inspires us to learn more about cooking and the history of food. We are almost finished watching and wish that there were more than 4 shows.

Marcia and Dan came home with us and we made a great dinner with them and with my parents. So I took advantage of the beautiful weather and grilled the chops. Allison made homemade apple sauce as well as an apple/cranberry crisp with the mix we picked up yesterday. Dinner was fantastic. It was nice to have both sets of parents around for dinner.