Photo-A-Day #569 10/29/06

Today Allison and I drove down to the Cape to catch the end of the Cape Cod Marathon. I got a chance to use my new telephoto lens and camera. The spot is definitely on the senor of the camera. So it looks like I have to send it in to get fixed. Luckily it is under warranty. A couple of years ago I ran the first leg of the Cape Cod Marathon as part of a relay team. This year I just came up for a visit to cheer on Tara’s boss Jack. Jack ran his best time ever 3 hours and 30 minutes. That was with probably the windiest day ever for this race. We were getting blown all over the road during our ride up to the Cape.

I now have about 100 photos of random runners because I had to keep testing out the camera and see what it could do. So I got some great shots of runners, and I have no idea who they are. But I was pretty sure Tara knew some folks so we’ll sit down and go through the pictures and see whom she knows. I love how the camera performed (despite the spot). I had it on the action mode and the runners are in perfect clarity while the background is blurry.

At the end of the race we walked down the road to the Roobar for lunch. Along the way there were these great little pumpkins that were made out of wood. Each one was oversized and bolted to the ground. Some were pumpkins and others were made to look like Jack-O-Lanterns. The different faces of the Jack-O-Lanterns were fantastic. Someone had taken a lot of care to make these decorations for Main Street. I kept stopping along the way to take a shot.

For lunch I had a fish and chips dish that looked very well designed. I took out my camera to get the picture and the chef behind the bar shouts over, “That’s copyrighted!” And we all got a laugh out of that one. For lunch it was Allison and I, Tara and Shelby, and Mom and Dad. Allison got a very tasty chicken, apple wood smoked bacon and avocado wrap with a Chile lime mayo. I shared a bite of that and it was delicious.

After lunch Allison and I went to visit my Grandmother and Grandfather. Tara and Mom came over a little while after us and Tara finished a knitted blanket that she was making for her friend who is having a baby. We spent about a half hour there talking with Grandma and Grandpa and then we went to the house. The ride along the water gave my car a sandblasting. The wind was so strong and the beach got blown into the road.

We hung out with my Dad for a bit and we watched a couple of football games. The sun began to set at the beach so Allison and I went over to get a few pictures of the water and the sky and the sunset. While reviewing the pictures I was cursing that sensor spot but I did manage to get a few god shots that I could crop the spot out. Luckily I know where it is going to show up and can try and compensate for it. As long as what is behind the spot is dark in color I can usually hide it in the picture. I know the spot is on the senor because it shows up when both lenses are used.

I did try to get on to the Internet to upload the Photo-A-Day but I wasn’t getting any network connections and I wasn’t able to get the pictures off the memory card. The memory card is 4GB and the laptop I have cannot read that size card. However I realized later that I had the cable to connect the camera directly to the laptop with me so I then was able to pick out the pictures for this post and crop them. The only thing I could do to get on the Internet was to dial into work and get my mail. Other than that I was stuck. I picked up two networks but couldn’t actually get to any sites.

Later on I made my way to Shaw’s and got some chowder and stuffed clams for Allison and I and some tollhouse cookies to bake. They were the Turtle kind and they were good. I tired out very quickly and went to bed early. I read two pages of my book and then feel asleep holding the book. I remember reading the first paragraph of the chapter and then I guess I made up the rest of what happened in that chapter because when I opened my eyes up I was still holding the book and I was still on the first page of that chapter. The wind blew pretty hard all night but we were very comfy in our bed and we kept very warm. The house only has heat on the first floor but we have vents to let the heat come to the second floor. We were more than warm enough.