Photo-A-Day #577 11/06/06

I got asked today, “Drew do you ever run out of things to put on the blog?”. I mean I have been keeping this blog updated for almost 3 years now and have said many things. I’ve taken many pictures. Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with something to say each day but when I start typing I just let my stream of consciousness flow. That really drives Allison crazy because she goes back through and fixed the grammatical errors and spelling errors I make. I use spell check but sometimes I fat-finger a word and it gets through.

My mom has been cleaning out one of the rooms in the house and she found this. This is one of my first piggy banks. Doesn’t it look like he has a Beatles haircut. He is also shiny from the flash. I love this pig, he has personality. And he probably has about 8 bucks in him at the moment.

So yes sometimes I have a hard time writing about things and some days I come home to find a shiny pig full of coins.