Photo-A-Day #606 12/05/06

Photo-A-Day 606 120506

It is time to paint the bedroom. Yesterday and today I did some priming of the woodwork. This is a nice little feature of the room. There are 7 cubby holes about a foot deep and a foot wide and a foot high (except for the top one which is about 7 inches high, kept getting my brush stuck) These will be great little storage places for different things in the room. Not sure what exactly but should be pretty cool. And it is built into the side of the chimney. We have marble fireplaces (decorate fronts) in two of the rooms, one is in our living room (soon to be dining room) and the other is in the future bedroom.

I’m very excited to get to work on these rooms and finally have them done. It will be great to get the new bed in the new bedroom and finally stop having to crawl over the tons of stuff that lives in our existing bedroom.

I was able to get my car inspected today. A great local garage called Achin’s. I went to school with one of the women who works there and they are very nice. We’ve had to call on them on a few occasions for tows and whatnot. I got there in enough time that I could also go to the gym. I was happy to get there and work out a bit. I haven’t been in a while and I feel like a slug.

After the gym I primed a little more trim and will do some more tomorrow night. Slowly we will get that room finished.