Photo-A-Day #607 12/06/06

Photo-A-Day 607 120606

Caught Oliver in a yawn while he was rolling on his back. It looks a little like he is throwing a little tantrum. I love catching him looking like this because he is so docile and gentle, catching him looking like a little terror is funny to me. Weather has kept me from any outside sort of photos. That and I have returned to the gym a couple of days a week so it is nice and dark when I get home. That is why this week has had pictures of the cats and the room we are painting. Sorry so boring but that is what is going on in my life right now.

Now, because I have been at the gym I have caught up on the news again. And I saw Oprah today. She had Matthew Mcconaughey on and he was talking about his movie We Are Marshall. That looks like a good movie. I was tearing up just watching the interview.

Did you see this in the news? A woman has her son arrested after he opens a Christmas Present early. Interesting story. When I saw this on the news I was not watching that particular TV but I read the blurbs, what I didn’t know was the kid was about 12 and is a real loser (many other incidents with this kid). I thought this woman called the police on his 5 year old or something and I thought it was ridiculous. But since I found out that this was a kid who is older and should be able to control himself, I think the mother did what she could do because nothing else worked with this kid. (I’ve got to switch over to the audio on those sort of news stories, they are just so bizarre.) I don’t think the kid should get that present after all this either. It was a gameboy.