Photo-A-Day #613 12/12/06

Photo-A-Day 613 121206

I am in Madison, WI today and am leaving tomorrow. I demonstrated out in about 70 miles from Madison today. On the way out to the hospital I noticed that many of the hotels along the highway have water parks built on them and within them. I noticed one place called the Wolf Lodge (Would have been a perfect place for me to stay) had a water slide tube going out one side of the building and back in another. After the demonstration I stopped at that exit to check the place out. On the front entrance side of the hotel there is no sign of the water park, I was unable to get around back. They did have a kids center that had the statue above outside. I like wolves so I took this picture. Practically every hotel around has some form of indoor water park however. I must have passed 15 on my trip along highway 90 94.

On that same exit I found Danny’s 90 94 Grill & Pizza. Danny’s 90 94 Grill & Pizza is a special place. It is set up like an old diner with a classic car theme. I had pulled up to McDonalds to get some lunch, got out of my car and saw Danny’s 90 94 Grill & Pizza and immediately got back into the car and drove to their parking lot. I got out of the car and took a few pictures of the outside of the building.

Photo-A-Day 613b 121206

A guy came out of Danny’s 90 94 Grill & Pizza and said hello and opened the door for me. He said that he liked to come out and see it when people took pictures of the place. He worked at Danny’s 90 94 Grill & Pizza and may have been a manager. Inside the decorations continued a classic car theme including 5 or 6 pedal cars as decorations (these are about $300 – $400 each).

Photo-A-Day 613c 121206

He showed me to my seat and gave me the menu and the blue plate special, it sounded good but I was in the mood for a burger. I ordered a cheeseburger with their homemade chips and a chocolate shake. The shake came in the old time glass and the metal mixing cup with the spoon in it as well. It was delicious, the whole meal was delicious.

Photo-A-Day 613d 121206

After I finished that awesome meal I talked with the manager again for a little bit and noticed these cardboard cars hanging up over the counter. They are for the kids meals. They are licensed by Ford and Danny’s 90 94 Grill & Pizza uses them for their kids meals. And you can buy one of each of them for $10.99 for the stack (about 15 or so). They were pretty fun looking and looked like kids would enjoy playing with them as well.

Photo-A-Day 613e 121206

After lunch I stopped at a cheese shop as well. They had a mouse statue out front. There are a lot of giant sized statues all over the place here.

Photo-A-Day 613f 121206