Photo-A-Day #622 12/21/06

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Today we held a secret Santa/Hanukkah Armadillo exchange at work. I gave my Secret Santa person, Bill, a bag from a conference, a remote control mouse for his computer, two video games, an Atari keychain video game that works on the TV and about 100+ pens. Yes, I said pens. You see I have this habit of taking the pens in every hotel room I go into. It is a sickness. I cannot stop taking the pens. Sometimes they have come in handy while on site and someone else does not have a pen (I carry two very nice stylish pens of my own in my bag). I always have a couple of pens in my bag to help out anyone who is without one. So yesterday while I was ‘wrapping’ my gift, and by wrapping I mean putting all the stuff into the conference bag and labeling it with a yellow sticky note. I am a great wrapper. Anyway I was looking in my desk drawer and though, hey it would be funny to give Bill about 50 pens. Well, 50 just didn’t fill the bag enough. I went all out and gave him my whole pen collection that was in the drawer. He got a kick out of it.

I got a really nice travel clock from my manager Bill (different Bill) and a monogramed leather folder from my supervisor Christine. Very nice gifts, thank you guys.

One of the guys ended up with an inflatable wife as a gag gift. This was probably the most disturbing thing I have seen. First of all it was only 4 feet tall and looked like an adolescent instead of a full size blow up. That was creepy. And well the entire thing was creepy. Here are some pictures of it, you decide.

I call her the Jerry Lee Lewis inflatable wife. That is the side of the table, she is no taller than the table. The eyes are creeping me out.

Some assembly required, just add air.

It is good to be able to be in a place where folks can laugh and have a good time. The Cookie Kabooms went over very well too.