Photo-A-Day #643 01/11/07

Photo-A-Day 643 011107

Anyone need a giant desk. This is a very efficient piece of furniture. I have had this desk since 1999 when I worked at Saint A’s. I even got the college to buy me a second one for my office when I worked in Public Relations. This was a very good desk. But it has served its purpose and it is time to retire the desk. I t is actually time to go back to something that is much older than that desk and that would be….

Photo-A-Day 643b 011107

Back to the built-in that my father made. I moved our desk stuff from the desk in the living room to the new (for us) built in Desk area.There was quite a bit to move but now things are pretty efficient. I can scan things easier because the scanner is within reach without standing on top of a chair. I do need to pick up a different monitor however. I’m thinking about getting one with the speakers built in because there is no where for my current speaker system to go.

We’ll be doing something about that wall paper too.