Photo-A-Day #645 01/13/07

Today Dad and I worked on a project at the house. We spent most of the morning and afternoon working on it. Later on in the afternoon he sent me for more supplies and I found out that my exhaust in my car decided that it was all done. 92028 was as many miles as that exhaust system was going to take me. I was stuck in traffic heading to Lowe’s when I heard the car make a “clunk” sound and the next thing I know it sounds like I’ve added a tip to my muffler. The difference between 20 and 30 is that when you are in your 20’s or younger you want your car to sound this way. When you are in your 30’s you are embarrassed by your car sounding like this. I’m sitting in the car wondering, did the muffler fall off completely? Are people looking at my car to see if it has a tip on the muffler and saying, that guy is too old for that? So now I have a date with Midas in the future.

This evening Neil and Andrea and Derek and Michelle and baby Nicholas came over for dinner. We showed them around the apartment and they really liked the new bedroom and the color that we chose. We all got turns to hold baby Nicholas who was an absolute sweetie all night. He was so well behaved (certainly doesn’t get that from his father 🙂 Just kidding you Derek.) We made Boboli pizzas and Derek and Michelle made a salad and Andrea and Neil made mini cheesecakes. It was really nice to sit down and catch up with everyone. We are looking forward to getting out living and dining rooms finished so we can have more nights like this in the future. Here are a few pictures that we took tonight. I hope I get the right photographers.

Opposable thumbs, who needs ’em. By Me.

Nicholas surprised. By Andrea

Derek after he nearly cracked his skull on the workout ball. By Andrea

Drew and Nicholas in a fierce game of “Pull my Finger”. By Allison