Photo-A-Day #653 01/21/07

Today Allison and I went to Mass this morning and then over to see Andy and Rondi. They have a Nintendo Wii. Actually they have one because I gave them the one I got at Target last week. You know nothing of this? Well that is because I kept it quiet because it was for Andy’s birthday. On Wednesday I had a Doctor’s appointment and then went up to the Camera Company to get my camera fixed and on the way back I stopped into Target to see if they had any Wii’s in stock. I walked in and the usually un-stocked shelf was stocked with Nintendo Wii’s. So I bought one. Then I went outside and called Allison and asked her if she knew if Rondi was still looking for a Wii for Andy for his birthday. She was, so I went back in and attempted to by a second Wii. I was told that they had a limit of only one per household. And so I called Allison back and by the time she was out of work all of the Wii’s were gone. That is okay because I gave Allison the Wii I got and had her give it to Rondi so Andy could have it for his birthday when he returned from his trip.

We had a good time playing with the Wii and we played all the games for the sports part. Rondi dominated in Baseball. Allison and I played the boxing game, Then Rondi and Allison played. We all played bowling and I actually got 100 points, (For some reason I screw up bowling every time). We also played a game where you didn’t use the wiimotes with the sensor. It was a mindless shoot ’em up side scroller. It was fun. Allison made some buffalo Chicken dip and brought it over. Very tasty stuff.

Then we headed home and Andy and Rondi came over to watch the game. Our beloved Patriots did not win. But it was nice having a full house over to watch the game. Jenn came over as well, plus Tara and Erik and Mom and Dad. We took Andy and Rondi and Jenn for a tour of the upstairs so they could see how things were progressing. They liked what they saw.

And don’t worry or think I am crazy for giving up the Wii. We will be buying one once it becomes available through That way we can save some money and get money back because of the Amazon affiliates program.

Here is a picture of Stephen the Dog, he has a blog.