Photo-A-Day #656 01/24/07

This is the office at the end of the night. Filming ran late (does it ever run early?) so I was at the office with the nighttime cleaning crew and still had a drive home and about 5 hours of work ahead of me to complete this video project. The video has to be at the most 10 minutes long. I had over 15 minutes in the first cut. Then I paired it down to 10 minutes 16 seconds. That is going to have to do because it is 11:30 and I have to get back up at 5:30 to do a run through and film one more piece for the video.

I would be lost without Adobe Premiere Elements however that does not mean that I had an easy time of this. Each clip had to be individually edited for length, audio and background noise. I didn’t get to the background noise yet. And the Sanyo Xacti C4 I have picks up everything.

Well I need to check on my film to see if it rendered yet.