Photo-A-Day #661 01/29/07

Today’s photo is of Ryan and Susanne. They are here in Maryland demonstrating too. We went out tonight, along with Kate, for dinner at a place in downtown Annapolis. The restaurant was a nice little Italian place called Maria’s. The food was excellent. They had fantastic bread and oil for dipping. It was a very nice place. While there I found out that Kate’s relatives are my neighbors. Small world keeps getting smaller.

I told Ryan about taking a photo a day and while we were at the font desk of the hotel their was this plate of cookies. I took a picture of the cookies and he said, “Why don’t you take a picture of us instead. I don’t want the cookies to win over us.” Well most of the time people aren’t thrilled with me taking their picture and having it be the photo of the day. My friend who have been putting up with me for the past two years have come to expect it but most of the time it is too much to explain the project. So I thank Ryan and Susanne for stepping to and being eager to be Photo-A-Day.

Oh and I did take that cookie picture too.

I didn’t take a cookie because I am trying to be good. After dinner we went to a fudge shop/souvenir place and they had chocolate dipped cookies. I passed those up too and they looked delicious. And I only ate half of my delicious appetizer because I was trying to be good.

Today I began the search for a new compact digital camera. I am not sure if I want to go with another Sanyo or switch to a camera that I can charge on the road with my iGo Juice. The problem I keep running into is that most of the cameras that I would like to get are powered by 2 AA batteries. And the ones that I can charge with my iGo Juice don’t have all the features I am looking for. I basically want a 6 – 7MP camera that can be charged with the iGo Juice, that takes an SD card and has at least a 4X optical zoom and up to 6X digital. It also needs an optical viewfinder. I would either look at Kodak, Nikon, Cannon or HP Digital Cameras. And it also has to be sold directly through Amazon for the super saver shipping and the commission from the affiliate program. I searched for a bit today but still haven’t found what I want. You’d think this combination would be easy but it is not. I’ll keep looking.