Photo-A-Day #678 02/15/07

Today I worked from home and I was using my laptop on the old desk for part of the day. It was very cold yesterday and our front room gets plenty of sun so it is very warm. I moved there for the afternoon. Oliver decided that he wanted to be some place near me so he hung out in one of the cubbies and watched me as I worked. I sometimes wonder what these cats think about the things that Allison and I do each day. Anyway, I know I have had a lot of Cat pictures lately but with cats as cute as ours it is hard to resist.

Yesterday I also completed capturing the video from our wedding. I used Microsoft Movie maker to take the video off the camera and then save it into 10, 15 minute files. I will then take the files, and work my magic with Adobe Premiere, adding sound, removing sound, adding images, removing some of the images and then burning it all to DVD. We are hoping I finish this sometime before the second anniversary. My grandmother taped the wedding from the altar and it looks really good.

Tonight we had my Cousin Matt and his wife Annie and their son Keith over for dinner. Matt is probably one of the most artistic people in our family, from music to all things graphic art, painting, drawing. Annie has the job of my dreams, she is working for Hasbro and she’s taking me to the company store next week! So on next Tuesday I’m having lunch at Hasbro and my Photo-A-Day may be Transformers related… Keith is a mass of energy. He and I played with my transformers and with the remote controlled car that has an MP3 player in it. Then we played with some Cars toys. He has a bunch of them as well. This picture is of the living room after playing with all the toys. Everyone was downstairs visiting my Mom. I came back upstairs to check out my Dad’s flight status and Oliver and Duncan were investigating the room, and the leftovers.

My Dad had one of my travel days yesterday. Because of all of the flight cancellations in the past week the airlines have been backed up and this affected Dad’s travel. We phoned each other all day. I was to pick him up at the PVD airport and around 10:00 Dad was still in Baltimore. He caught up with an old friend on the same flight so he ended up with a ride home instead of me picking him up. So that worked out. I have no idea when he actually got in however. He said he can now understand what I go through on a bi-weekly basis.