Photo-A-Day #699 03/08/07


I was reading on Pop Candy today about a story that I talked about on my Flatwater blog. It was about how the Nintendo Wii has become life enhancing to a senior community in Sedgebrook, IL. Here is a very nice video about how the Wii was received. It looks like Cocoon with video games. But seriously I love seeing people having so much fun with this game system. Nintendo has such a winner on their hands. Must be why it is nearly impossible to find one.

Today’s photo is of my snowshoes because I hope to do a little snowshoeing this weekend. And I am very excited so I took them out and looked them over to make sure that they were ready. I had such a great time on my last two snowshoe trips with Uncle Wayne and Aunt Cindy. Check out the posts about those trips.

Snowshoe Trip 2006… and Snowshoe Adventure ’05. So look forward to some pictures after the weekend. Hopefully all my gym time and Wii play has put me in decent enough shape to snowshoe this year.