Photo-A-Day #705 03/14/07

Oliver relaxing

Oliver has certainly been making himself quite comfortable around the house. He keeps sitting on Allison while she knits. Allison has been knitting up a storm. She has already made a bunch of scarves and she even made a cute little baby hat for her friend Jess’ baby Kaylee.

I was working on some of the video that I took this past weekend and I don’t really like how everything came out so it might end up on the virtual cutting room floor. I did however pull together video for the RockStartup auditions that PayPerPost and RockStartup are having. The task was to make a video about PayPerPost and what it has done for me and my life. Well so far I have bought a bunch of cool things with the PPP money and that is pretty much what the video is about. And after I posted it it went up on the PPP blog. So quickly too.

And speaking of PayPerPost, Christine from The Passionate Ailurophile sent me a message about going to see the PawSox in April. That will be a good time.

Bones is back on TV as of tonight. Allison and I just watched it. I thought I had the whole thing figured out but I was wrong. They threw me for a loop tonight. Good Job doing that. It was a very interesting ending. I also like how the main character of Dr. Brennan’s book is Kathy Reichs. That is a riot.