Photo-A-Day #708 03/17/07

Baby Nicholas

Tonight Allison and I went to Derek and Michelle’s. We made a corned beef and cabbage dinner and brought it over. Derek and Michelle provided a salad (but there was no dressing, honestly!). Andrea made a delicious mocha pie with homemade chocolate sauce, and Neil made the evening better by his presence.

We had a wonderful dinner and spent some quality time together. Derek and Michelle’s son Nicholas has gotten so big and he’s five months old now. He’s so cute with his little baby cheeks. And he is so well behaved, not fussy at all. Allison enjoyed getting to spend some time holding him.

We were introduced to some of the traditions that Derek and Michelle have for St. Patrick’s Day, they put oil and vinegar on their meal an also boil eggs to go with the meal. I tried the oil and vinegar and t wasn’t a bad choice. I couldn’t eat the boiled egg however, I’m just not a fan of them.

After dinner I synchronized our Wiimotes to Derek’s Wii and transferred our Mii’s onto his Wii. That way we would be ready to play after dessert. The dessert was delicious and we all enjoyed Andrea’s cooking skills.

After that Derek, Neil and I played Wii bowling, then the training stages for throwing power strikes for bowling, then some of the boxing games and training sessions. Derek and I played Wii Play and I’m not sure but I think Derek did not like the game. After that Derek, Andrea, Neil and I played the Monster 4X4 game. After the first race Michelle switched with Andrea and we played a couple more of those games.

We ended up playing the Wii till about 12:00am, because once we got into Wario Smooth Moves it was too funny to stop. That game is fun to watch other people play. I know that most times it is torturous to watch someone else play a game but the actions that the player has to perform in this game are so funny. We were trying to beat all the mini games so we could play multi player but that never happened.

We had a very nice Saint Patrick’s Day with everyone and we are looking forward to our next gathering.

Here are some pictures from the night.

Setting the Table
Setting the Table

A delicious pie, where's my chocolate sauce?<
A delicious pie, where’s my chocolate sauce?

Poppa and baby.
Poppa and baby.

Nicholas is eyeing the pie.
Nicholas is eyeing the pie.

Coco watching the Wii
Coco watching the Wii.

Derek performing the Elephant Form
Derek performing the Elephant Form.

Me performing the Mohawk Form
Me performing the Mohawk Form.

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  1. I have no idea about this Mii and Wii business but what a beautiful baby!!! Cute little chubby baby cheeks..I just wanna cuddle him!!

    Great site, I’ll be back for more! ^_^

  2. Great pictures, Drew! We had a great time with you guys and your new blog looks great. We’ll see you soon!

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