Photo-A-Day #721 03/30/07

Me and Snoopy in Minnesota

I have to say, I really love having a QuikPod. It is one of the best inventions I have every used. I got this picture of me with the Snoopy Statue in the Minneapolis Airport. The Snoopy Statue was once Photo-A-Day but I wasn’t able to be in the picture. I offered to take a picture of Katie by the Snoopy but she figured I would use it as fodder for future work related videos I would be making. She is probably right.

With me you never know when a particular picture is going to pop back up. I have many friends that can attest to that.

Well, today must be a day for me because not only did I get blog of the day at PayPerPost, I also got that honor at FuelMyBlog. So welcome to all the people who have come by from those sites. I really like that you took the time to come visit this blog. I hope that you enjoy it enough to subscribe to my feed or even sign up to host Photo-A-Day on your own blog.

On my flight home I watched all the episodes that I had on my iPod as well as some National Geographic: Wild Chronicles episodes. I just love my iPod and it has made my flying experiences so much better. (Sorry Andy, no major rants from me today).

I went with a new car service for this trip. My ride to the airport was uneventful but my ride home was another story. I was picked up by a very swarthy man who had a heavy accent and a heavy foot. I am convinced that this guy also had narcolepsy because I could hear him snoring in the front seat and saw his eyes close many times. This is not the best way to drive at breakneck speeds through the roads around the Blue Hills reservation. We jostled along with frequent heavy breaking and swerving and many life in my hands grab for the ‘oh shit handle’ moments. But I got to my destination okay and will most likely have to use these folks again for future trips into Boston. Sometimes though I really wish my company would pony up enough so I could get picked up by a car service that used those signs with people’s names on them instead of a rag tag bunch of folks in cars that all have the check engine lights on and more dings than a demolition derby contestant.