Photo-A-Day #731 04/09/07

Me with Space Cow

Today Is my 33rd Birthday. It is also the start of year three for Photo-A-Day. How did I spend my birthday? I was up fairly early to say goodbye to Allison as she headed out to work. I then did a bit of work on my blogs. I added some new buttons to each blog because they were listed with Sire’s Top Blogs.

I also did some graphic work. I had to blow out the cobwebs of that part of my brain and get into the design mode. I made some new graphics for this blog to ask folks to please vote for me as Photography Blog Of The Year through the Bloggers Choice Awards. You can see the images on the left sidebar. And I see that I have gotten a bunch more votes. I am #2 right now and would really like to be #3. I need about 20 more votes to get to the lead. Please tell your friends and family to vote. Thanks.

I also made some banners for Top Blogs. And Today this blog was in the top 10, it was actually #1. Go sign up your blog.

I also moved up in the Get Paid to Blog for a Year contest. I am now in spot #22. I got 17 votes today. Thanks everyone.

And I got caught up in that because I realized that I still had to head off to the airport to catch my flight.

I flew from PVD to PHL. I was in redneck first class (Exit Row) and was able to get a few things done. I read more of my latest book by Laurel K Hamilton.

My flight from PVD to PHL was uneventful. I listened to all 3 of the FlickrNation podcasts by Thomas Hawk. I hadn’t realized that it was from 2005. I learned about Thomas Hawk through the Scoble Show. You can read more about that at my blog Flatwater Tech.

Being on the road on your birthday pretty much sucks. I should be home today and I should be with my wife Allison today. But I am not, I am in the Philadelphia airport awaiting my flight to Houston. From Houston I am driving to Sulphur, LA. So I will most likely get to my final destination around 8:30 or 9:00pm. Then I demo tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Done by 9:15.

There was a good deal of pressure on myself to produce a quality image today. Why, because it is day one of year #3 of Photo-A-Day, I’m up for a Photography award at Bloggers Choice award. And I think I should win that category but my photos should inspire you to vote for me. You can click the images on the left sidebar.

My next flight is going to be a little longer than the first one and I am probably going to watch a new podcast that I heard about through That is, after I catch back up with the podcasts that I have downloaded. I also downloaded some Photo Walking podcasts that I want to watch. So I have many things to occupy my time on the plane.

I watched two Photo Walking podcasts where the group was at a particle accelerator. Thomas Hawk was there and Scoble recorded the show. It was a very good and interesting show.

I made it from PHL to IAH without incident . When we landed I headed to the rental cars but saw a large statue of a cow in a space suit. Fitting as this is Houston and all.

I got my QuikPod out and attached it to my camera. I took a couple of me with the statue and then took a couple of the statue itself. I caught the bus to the rental car place. I picked out a Pontiac Grand Prix and it had XM satellite radio. I turned it to comedy and I then got on the road and headed towards Sulphur.

Halfway to Sulphur I saw a Harley Davidson shop and I stopped. Unfortunately they were closed. I will have to stop on Wednesday on the way back to Houston. Since I was already stopped I popped into the Outback and got some dinner..

I finished up my ride and got to the hotel around 9:00pm.

Here are a couple more images.

The Cow Statue without me.
The Cow Statue without me.

Coaster from Outback.
Coaster from Outback.

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