The Views from The Blue Mountain Scenic Byway Oregon

Nobody ahead, nobody behind

Today I was in La Grande, OR. I had a demonstration at 1:30pm. Before I went to my demo I got some lunch at a local place in La Grande. I ordered chicken tenders. Yeah, they were not fully cooked. I was eating and reading the paper and realized that the chicken tender I was eating wasn’t cooked all the way through and I checked the other one and that was not either.

So I was a bit grossed out and let the woman there know. She was very apologetic and comped the whole meal and an ice cream cone. It was very nice of her. I was still feeling a bit weird while I demoed. I knew I hadn’t actually eaten any of the uncooked tender but you know when you get a gross thought in your head, well that is what I was feeling.

The demo went well and it was in such a beautiful location. Looking out the window I could see such wonderful mountains in the distance. Good thing I wasn’t facing the window when I did the demo, I’d be too distracted to demo with such a beautiful setting. I could see the area that the folks at the hospital have to use for outdoor lunches. I was told that they have mountain lions in the area and occasionally people find remains of a mountain lions lunches in that area. So I kept my eyes open for any movement on the hill. No mountain lion though.

After the demo I drove back to Portland. The three hour ride took 6. Why? Because I stepped off the beaten path again to get some sightseeing done. I saw the exit for The Blue Mountain Scenic Byway and headed out to take that trip. I thought it was some little drive but no, it was a 130 mile trek. So I took a 130 mile “side trip” Along the way I saw many horses and cows. I didn’t take many pictures of the animals but I found a great scene high in the hills. The sunset was really nice too.

I ended up catching back up with !-84 at the same stop I made yesterday. I opted for a truck stop burger at Linda’s Restaurant. It was a decent burger. That was at 9:15pm. I was fueled up and ready to hit the road again. 102 miles lay ahead of me. Another hour+ to get back to the hotel. I have to say that the Monster iCarPlay Plus Wireless FM Transmitter/Charger for iPod (Amazon Link) performed like a champ. It worked so well here in Oregon. It must have been because there weren’t any good signals from radio stations. So there were no signals to interfere with my podcasts. I listened to so many because I was in the car for 6 hours.

Here are the other pictures that I took on the drive. I was basically the only car on the road for the entire trip. It was so peaceful.

Sunset in Oregon
This was the view opposite the Photo-A-Day view.
Nobody ahead, nobody behind.

Out into the fields and the mountains beyond
Out into the fields and the mountains beyond.

Lone Horse at scenic overlook.
Lone Horse at scenic overlook.

Captain Squinty and the Convertible PT Cruiser. It is my motto to never waste a convertible
Captain Squinty and the Convertible PT Cruiser. It is my motto to never waste a convertible.

View from a Scenic Overlook.

View from a Scenic Overlook.

I know why those settlers in the game Oregon Trail ended up dying before they got to where they were going, this state is so vast. I love it so much though.

11 thoughts on “The Views from The Blue Mountain Scenic Byway Oregon”

  1. Those were some nice pictures. Hope everything turns out okay with the tenders. Never been to Oregon, sure is nice looking though. Thanks..

  2. These pictures are beautiful!!!! I know why you loved the state. Hope I get there someday. Why did you not take a picture of the cows?? Your Dad would enjoy seeing them in Oregon. (so would I)
    I have enjoyed seeing the ones you did take, however.
    Hope all went well from the tenders!
    Love, Gram

  3. GORGEOUS pics! It’s great that you had the time to stop and enjoy the view, and capture it to share with all of us here in BlogLand!

    Yuck sbout the chicken tenders thing. You were definitely right to say something, not just to get comped (which was the right thing for them to do), but as a warning to whoever was cooking them. Salmonella is some pretty serious stuff here…hopefully, you didn’t eat enough of it to get sick, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to get sick, either.

    I had been thinking of that iPod thing, but wasn’t sure how well it would work around here, as we have a lot more radio signals. I ended up buying a charger kit from the Apple Store with car and A/C chargers, and one of those cassette whosit things that plays the iPod through the car speakers. Once you get home and try it, you’ll have to let me know how well it works.

  4. Thanks for the comment, I hope you were able to drop me a vote on the Blogger’s Choice Awards for the Photography Blog of the Year. Please do visit again. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Pelf, I actually made the first photo my wallpaper at home. It is the first of my photos that I ever made into my wallpaper.

  6. Hey Jay, things were fine with the tenders. I finally got home but was so tired I slept till 11:00am. I haven’t done that since college.

  7. Those pictures are beautiful. I love that convertible! Is that yours or a rental? Great smile too.

  8. Hi Karen, The convertible was a rental. It was a PT Cruiser. It was horrible to drive. Glad you liked the photos.

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