Photo-A-Day #757 05/05/07

Allison with Cuatro Bear

Happy Cinco de Mayo people. This year I was not celebrating at some Mexican restaurant with Margaritas, nope. Today we threw a surprise going away party for my in-laws, Dan and Marcia. Dan knew about the party and we worked with him to get Marcia out of the house so we could surprise her. We really though that things were going to be totally revealed when Allison answered the phone at Dan and Marcia’s house. On the phone was Marcia. Allison tried to tell her that she must have called Allison’s cell phone and not the house phone. We thought it was all over and luckily between Dan and Allison they came up with a decent cover story.

After breakfast (as I was watched by Oliver)

Photo-A-Day #757e 05/05/07

and some Excite Truck Allison and I headed up to Manchester early this morning and by the time we got there Marcia and her friend Sherrie were on the road to Salem to do some shopping. Allison headed to Sam’s Club with Dan and I headed to U-Haul to fill up the propane. I stopped at Double Midnight comics for Free Comic Book Day.

We got a ton of food and expected about 60 people, and we had 60 people and a ton of food. We got burgers and dogs and chicken breast and it was a delicious meal on a beautiful and sunny spring day.

Allison’s Aunt Dot made us a teddy bear that had Cuatro on the sweatshirt. We are calling the Baby Cuatro for the time being because if it is a boy he will be named the 4th. Dot hand made the bear and the sweatshirt.

Cuatro - 24 hours of Flickr

And Dot’s husband Uncle Paul gave me a black baseball hat that says “Say Cheese” on it. He got me that because I always have that damn camera and I’m always taking pictures and posting them to my blog. He is right, bet he’s glad he gave me that hat.

Photo-A-Day #757f 05/05/07

Allison’s cousin Jeremy and his wife Hilary came to the party, I talked with them for a bit and Jeremy takes out a pipe. I asked him why he started smoking a pipe and he said that where he works only the smoers get to take breaks outside so he took up the pipe. I have to admit I do love the smell of a good pipe. My Great-Great Uncle albert used to smoke a pipe and I always loved the smell of their house. I had to take a photo of Jeremy and his Pipe.

Photo-A-Day #757g 05/05/07

Not only did many family members come to the party but also many friends. Our friends Ken, Alicia and James came over as well. I got a picture of James, me and Ken with my QuikPod. Ken is goosing me trying to make me laugh, next time I’m using the 2 second timer, he was enjoying that too much.

Photo-A-Day #757c 05/05/07

Then I got a picture of myself with Ken. He is such a goofball. Oh wait he may actually come and read this…

Photo-A-Day #757d 05/05/07

Allison’s friends Jenn, T.R. and Beth were also at the party.

Photo-A-Day #757j 05/05/07

The party was a huge success and Marcia was very surprised when she arrived. I didn’t get her reaction because I wasn’t close enough when she realized what was going on. I did get this shot of mother and son talking about the surprise.

Photo-A-Day #757h 05/05/07

My parent’s picked up a cake for the party and got it with a Florida theme. I got a photo of the cake and I think Allison must have gotten the photo of Dan and Marcia cutting the cake.

Photo-A-Day #757i 05/05/07

Photo-A-Day #757k 05/05/07

We wish you much luck and happiness in your new home. Now the moving begins.

Actually more moving did begin today, Scott and Steve took the couch and the love seat out to Dad’s truck. And I went home with Mom and Dad so I could help Dad take the couch and love seat into the house. Allison and I are going to use the couch and love seat in our new living room. So after I finish this it is bed time because tomorrow Dad and I will hopefully get the rest of the painting done and that will leave just the floors and some wiring to get done. And by the end of the month we will have our new living room up and ready and we will start tackling the dining room.

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  1. It looks like you all had an amazing time!! I’m sorry that I missed it…but you know how family obligations go:) I hope Marcia and Dan have a very successful move, and that you and your Dad don’t wear yourselves out today!!

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