Photo-A-Day #767 05/15/07

Oliver says hello

Please vote for me in the One for Me One for You competition. I am neck and neck with another blogger and really want to win. Tomorrow by 7:00pm is the last time you can vote.

Today’s Photo-A-Day is of the first Toy that I have bought specifically for our baby. Granted the baby will not be able to play with it until about this time next year but I wanted to start the collection now. I saw the Fisher-Price Amazing Animals toys a while ago and want to get them all because they are so cute and I can see myself playing with my child as they play with these toys. They are all bright colored animals with different textures, and sounds. they are large and chunky so they can take a beating. I want to get the entire set including the train. Sure it makes noise but I think that these will be great playtoys when the baby is about 6 months old.

I put the toy out and Oliver went over to inspect it. That is Oliver saying hello.

I’ve made mention of FuelMyBlog in the past and I am now writing a weekly post on the FuelMyBlog Blog. It is called Tech Tuesdays with BenSpark. I posted the first one just moments ago. this week’s topic is Favicons. Go check out the post and leave a comment either here or there letting me know what you think of the post.

2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #767 05/15/07”

  1. Aw, what a cute picture! Nothing like a little *cat-on-cat* action…LOL!

    Are you guys registered anyplace for baby gifts yet?

  2. Hey Christine,
    Oliver is just an adorably cute cat. He can’t help it – he’s that way. He’s curious and cute and sweet – and terrified of his own shadow! Don’t get me wrong Duncan I love, but is handsome and dignified, not cute and playful like his brother!

    No registries yet. We need to start working on that – and cleaning out the baby’s room!

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