Photo-A-Day #774 05/22/07


I went for a walk after work and didn’t shoot any pictures. When I got home I looked around at the newest flowers to start blooming around the house. I settled upon some Wisteria and some of the Dandelion ‘Puff heads’. I remember as a kid picking these and blowing on them to make the seeds go hither and yon. Now I try not to do that because Dandelions are everywhere.

Today is Tuesday and there was another installment of Tech Tuesday with BenSpark over at the FuelMyBlog Blog. This week I tackled the Google Reader. I really like writing these Tech Tuesday installments over at Fuel because I take a lot of time to research something and approach it from the perspective of some who is just learning how to use these tech tools. So far the response to the posts have been decent. FuelMyBlog invited writers on their forum to write a weekly post on the FMB blog. Many rose to the challenge and last week was the first week. The different topics are Tech Tuesdays with BenSpark, Ian’s Top Ten Tips, Lord Likely’s Guide to Etiquette, Bill Blunt’s Wordful Wednesdays, Featured Blog Friday with Rachel, Tips for Parents, Penfold’s Surf Tips, Christine’s Sunday Lunch and Monday Madness. So each week you are in for a special treat as some great bloggers bring you interesting posts on the FuelMyBlog Blog.

Last night was the Season Finale of Heroes. Pretty lackluster if you ask me, could have been so much more especially since this season Heroes has been pretty awesome, sometimes beating Lost. I have a feeling that the Lost Season finale tomorrow night is going to be fantastic.

I took some other photos around the yard, another Dandelion one and two of the Wisteria that looks pretty but clogs up the front porch. Each year it gets stronger and stronger.

Photo-A-Day #774b 05/22/07

Photo-A-Day #774c 05/22/07

Photo-A-Day #774d 05/22/07

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #774 05/22/07”

  1. Those pictures are amazing! I love how the dandelion seems to be in the sky. Did you use a manual SLR camera for this?

    And oh, I haven’t watched the season finale of Heroes. 🙁 I wish I had. Bummer.

  2. Nope, these were taken with a Canon SD800is digital camera with the macro setting on. Thanks for stopping by. You can watch the Heroes episode online.

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