Photo-A-Day #796 06/13/07


Photo-A-Day #796b 06/13/07So I am in the MSP airport. I was able to get an earlier flight out of Manitoba. So instead of hanging out in a tiny airport I was able to spend some time in the awesome MSP airport. There is so much here. I just found a second Snoopy too. Today’s PAD is that other Snoopy and I took a bonus photo with my QuikPod too. It probably would have been better to have the camera out further, so I am looking forward to my XShot to arrive in the mail. It was shipped yesterday and should be at the house when I get home. The only thing that would be better about this airport would be free Internet access. Really isn’t it time for this to happen across the board?

There is only one flight out to Lincoln, NE and that is unfortunately at 4:55pm. So instead of getting to my destination early I am a bit stuck in the airport. I would have been much more productive in the airport if I had some Internet Access. I am going to catch up on my iPod stuff. I have a ton of Scoble Show podcasts to watch (The man is a podcasting machine!). I am watching one that I had seen before with Kris Krug, he is a pretty fantastic photographer. He has a really interesting set of theories on how to become a better photographer. I have been focusing more on learning about actual photography rather than just shooting pictures. There is so much more I can learn.

I even started looking on Craig’s List for some freelance photography jobs. The problem is that I don’t know how much to charge for services. I need equipment (or rather, want equipment) so I am thinking of charging enough for things like a tripod and a camera backpack. I really want the 18 -135 lens from Nikon or the 18 – 200 lens from Sigma. I was reading the PCPhoto magazine that I got for buying my camera and there are so many cool things I would like to have in my arsenal.

You should take a look at this Scoble Show podcast with Kris Krug if you are interested in learning some cool things about photography. He explains things in a very easy and straightforward way. And he tells a very important tip. Take your camera off the automatic setting and play with the settings. That is how you will learn.

Do any of my photographic readers have some favorite photographers and photography websites that they go to for tips?

So I thought I would be done with things to say today after I did my photos in the airport and before I got to Lincoln, Nebraska. I have yet to get any Fiddle Faddle but that is on the docket for tomorrow.What I did find was another public art project. This one is 4 years old. It is called the Tour De Lincoln.

I was walking to dinner tonight and saw this cool looking bike sculpture and since I had my camera with me I stopped and took a picture. I saw that the sign said Tour De Lincoln. But I didn’t really think about any other bikes at the time. I just went to dinner. After dinner I headed back to my hotel and came across 3 more bikes and took pictures of them as well. And when I got back to the hotel I set out to find the website and identify the bikes I had found. I learned about the project and was even able to find a map of where all the bikes are, or rather, were in 2003. Now they are in different locations throughout the city. I plan to take a long walk tomorrow and find as many more of these as I can. Here is a complete list and pictures of all the bikes. There are about 70 of them in all. And here are the four I fond.

I like Lincoln, the full service Marriott that I am in has FREE wireless Internet in the rooms. Take note, you other Full Service Marriotts, this is the way to make your business customer’s happy.

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  1. That Snoopy statue is so cute! That’s an interesting exhibit to have in an airport.

    Actually I didn’t know you were in Canada for a bit. I’m in Ontario.

    The Tour De Lincoln project sounds quite a bit like what we did here in Toronto about 10 years ago. We had artistic Moose all over the city. It was pretty cool. Some still exist too.

  2. Whoa! That deserved a massive amount of shots! So much raw material for the taking for avatars, bling, backgrounds. Sweet looking reflection too, Ben.

  3. Hi There Tricia, I am finding more and more of these art projects, just yesterday I was hanging out with Bears on Broadway in Manitoba. Crazy. I haven’t seen moose ones yet, maybe if I get up to Ontario I will go looking for them.

  4. Thanks for the comments John, glad to see you here on my blog. I am going on a bike hunt today in Lincoln. More photos will be coming.

  5. OK so to me it seems like some city came up with an art project idea. For arguments sake lets say the cape cod whale trail was the 1st. I know it is not. Why did a ton of other cities decide to do this type of thing? Couldn’t they just borrow the whales or whatever. I guess in a way it is sort of cool but to me it looks like cartoon art. This is the stuff you should find on a playground and not all over a city. I guess I just don’t get it. I am sure other people like it personally I don’t care.

    On the plus side Drew you only have 66 more bicycles to find in Lincoln. I want to see pictures of all 70 of them so you best get moving. No excuses

  6. Well, I took a walk all around and found 1 only one more bike. I have no idea where to find these things. The map is 4 years old and they have all moved. Oh man Andy isn’t going to be happy with me. I have to disagree through, I think the art projects are great community builders. Having local artists design the pieces and local businesses sponsor each piece and then auction them for charity is a wonderful idea. Lincoln is a great city too. I loved walking all around, going to the University of Nebraska Bookstore and over by the football stadium was cool. There is much to do around here. However I must prepare for my demo.

  7. Andy,
    It encourages art in local communities! It encourages people to be interested in art projects. It encourages people to get off the couch and check out what artists are creating. Moving the same project from city to city wouldn’t accomplish most of those things! Well, it would once, but not over and over again.

    I love these community wide type art projects. And I love that Drew brings home pictures of the exhibits he finds in his travels.

    Keep up the hunting, hon!

  8. Thanks hon. See Andy I am one of those more artistic types and that is why I pronounce it SB-three and not SB-cubed. And where is your Soda-Club entry?

    I got some cool stuff for today’s post.

  9. I agree with Sparky. All that stuff she said. 🙂
    The original public art in this fashion(I believe) is Cow Parade which began in Chicago. It’s now a worldwide movement. “Cow Parade is not meant to be high art, however. It is first and foremost a public art exhibit that is accessible to everyone.”

    Of course some cities used different animals (and objects). The one where my parents live was Miles of Mules and the proceeds from the art sales all went to charity.

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