Photo-A-Day #797 06/14/07

I took a walk around Downtown Lincoln this morning. Got a few good shots of some things. Only found one additional bike. Disappointed in that. More coming after I do my demo this afternoon. Here are some photos to tide you over for now. They were taken in front of the Lincoln Children’s Museum.

Photo-A-Day #797c 06/14/07 Photo-A-Day #797b 06/14/07
Photo-A-Day #797d 06/14/07

Okay so this morning I took a walk around the city in search of more bikes, I found only the one you see above, that is it.

I did take a walk through the University of Nebraska BookStore. Let me tell you there is huge Cornhusker pride here, I was almost swept up in it that I almost bought some Husker Swag. I if I just bought something with the ‘N’ on it I could have passed it off as North Gear. The big High School in my town has the same ‘N’ logo. I almost got some baby slippers but they were insanely overpriced and I think that Allison can make a much better pair of baby booties with her knitting anyway.

I did make a purchase at the bookstore however. I bought the Transformer’s Movie Prequel novel and the Transformers Movie Adaptation Novel. Both books are by Alan Dean Foster. I plan to read the prequel book int he next couple of days and the novel after I see the movie.

I saw Shrek the Third tonight and I picked up two free mini posters of the Transformers Movie. They are the profile posters of Optimus Prime and Megatron squaring off with Destroy and Protect under their respective images. Here is my swag haul from the day.

Transformers Swag

I demoed in the late afternoon and had another delicious dinner and then walked around the Haymarket area of the city. This is a great college city. There are so many bars and stores and fun places to hang out. Walking around the city you notice that it is not crowded, the streets are wide the sidewalks are really wide and you feel good about walking all over the unknown city. People are super friendly and I just really enjoyed my stay here. I would have liked to have been able to get here earlier yesterday but that didn’t happen.

While walking around the Haymarket Area I took some more pictures. Me? Take Pictures? You must be kidding. Here are some from a small train themed park.

Photo-A-Day #797h  06/14/07
Photo-A-Day #797e  06/14/07 Photo-A-Day #797e  06/14/07 Photo-A-Day #797g  06/14/07

They include a brick wall 3d relief, a train shaped jungle gym, a locomotive and a shot of the whole park.

I looked all over for more bikes wherever I went and I only saw one other one during the day. But we didn’t stop so no picture of that one. Tomorrow I head home, it has been a long week.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #797 06/14/07”

  1. i like the colours on the main shot. i’ve shot ‘shiny’ stuff before when it’s been sunny out & it never turns out right. the grayness of the day really worked!

  2. Thanks Karen,
    It was raining and cloudy but made for a good photo. I was going to use the one of the little boy int he baseball hat as the PAD but the little girl just had much more expression.

  3. Thanks Tina. If you are interested and live in the Continental US you might like to place and entry in my Soda-Club contest. All entries need to be completed by tomorrow.

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