Photo-A-Day #798 06/15/07

Experiment with the XShot

Today I came home from Lincoln, NH. While I was in Lincoln I checked out a very interesting YouTube video called Fat Rant by Joy Nash. It was a really good video. I saw her on some news show in the cafe at the airport and then searched for the video. She has gotten so many responses, both negative and positive, and she even got 58 video responses. You can see it for yourself at BenSpark 2.

When I got home my brand new XShot was waiting for me. At first glance I was amazed that something so small and lightweight could expand to 37″. But it did. I really am looking forward to using this much more. Look at how much room there is on either side of me.

Photo-A-Day #798b 06/15/07

I can get at least two more people on each side. I received this product from Michael at XShot to test it out and write a review of the product. And I was also given a promo code to share with my readers.

So how do you get your XShot discount. Head to the XShot website and put an XShot in your cart then just enter SparkRocks when you checkout. Hurry though, the promo code lasts till July 15th.

Check this out.
Closed the XShot is only 9″ long.

But it extends to 37″ in length when fully open.

Tonight Allison’s parents are making there journey down to Florida. Before they started in earnest they stopped by the house for dinner with Allison and I. We got sandwiches from Soup Works and ate them on the side porch. I got a couple of shots before they left.

Photo-A-Day #798c 06/15/07
Looking over some last minute directions.

Photo-A-Day #798d 06/15/07
Have a safe trip Dan and Marcia

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  1. That thing looks wicked cool, and I did order one, using the coupon code. Thanks for that! I will blog about it when I get it, how I like it and all.

  2. That is great Christine. The Xshot came to me very quickly after it shipped. You’ll probably get it next week. Glad the code could help out. It is a very small and simple device but such a cool part of my gadget bag.

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