Photo-A-Day #822 07/09/07

Swap Shop

Today Allison and I went with Marcia to the Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This place was immense. I never knew so many knock off shoes were out there. So many things. There was an inside part and an outside part, farmer’s market and an amusement park. They even have a 14 screen drive in.

Today’s photo is of one of the larger outdoor screens and the original name of the place, the Thunderbird Drive-In Movie Theater. Here is a quote from the history of the place.

The Fort Lauderdale Swap Shop was started by Betty and Preston Henn in November, 1963. At that time it was known as the Thunderbird Drive-In Movie Theater and featured one screen and no flea market! The opening night turned out to be a bad choice of dates – President John Kennedy was shot and killed that same day. However, in spite of an inauspicious start, the drive-in grew in both popularity and size.

There are also many expensive and interesting cars in the building. I took many photos of them. I was also very excited about seeing the Hudson Hornet Replica. If you have seen Cars the movie then you know what the Hudson Hornet is all about.

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8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #822 07/09/07”

  1. the cars were amazing looking, but the part that got me laughing was about the shoes..haha.. i know what you mean.. my wife and i visit many large fleamarkets and i always see all the shoes.. i know they arent real, but they look real and they have EVERY kind and color imaginable..

    14 screens is a lot! dang!

  2. Hi Ben,

    I thought I’d drop by and ask if you’ve ever thought about reviewing cameras on your blog. My wife wants to buy a Nikon D40X (?) and I’m wondering what your opionion of the camera might be.


  3. Hey Josh,
    Yeah the shoes got me laughing too, some of them were, I kid you not, florescent green and yellow and shiny. It was nuts.

  4. Hey Cade,
    That is a very good idea. It is funny though, I use cameras every single day and yet I have never done a full on review of my camera. For some reason I don’t feel expert enough to do a review like that. However I have read that if you spend 15 minutes a day on something you can become an expert in that subject in a year. So I guess technically I could be an expert on the cameras that I own. I don’t have a D40 but we did buy one for my father. I had faith enough in the camera to buy it for him and we have yet to go out and test drive it. I have a D80 and love it, the D40 has a few less features and smaller MP but it is a good little camera.

  5. Uh J, are you calling me fat? Do I need to workout? See what I mean about putting keywords in context? I’m not mad or anything, just pointing out some of those things you asked me about at Flatwater. But you’ve already gotten my response on that blog. I appreciate you dropping by and commenting, however I am a bit self conscious about my weight now. 🙂

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