Photo-A-Day #831 07/18/07

Photo-A-Day #831 07/18/07
Photo-A-Day #831 07/18/07, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

Good thing I blogged about mobile blogging yesterday. I have been sitting in traffic on the pike. Completely stopped on the off ramp for a solid 15 minutes. So I took out the camera to capture the futility and frustration of dealing with other drivers in New England.

Recognize the air freshener? A certain yellow bot sports one in this summer’s biggest movie.

I did go back to this and clean it up a bit when I finally got home. I changed sizes and whatnot.

18 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #831 07/18/07”

  1. As a fellow New Englander, I feel your pain, Drew. Really. Sometimes I think the RMV will hand a license to anyone. I might just well find one in a Cracker Jack box at my next ball game!

    And of course, I know that air freshener…Bumblebee! That was one wicked cool movie. I loved it, and I want to go and see it in the theater again.

    Hope you got home safely!

  2. Thanks for the Tag Rebecca, Looks like if I don’t look at the Internet till 6:30pm I end up getting tagged by as many people as the tag post requires. Yikes.

  3. Hi Olivia. Tag number two for the same meme. Like I said in the comment to Rebecca, if I don’t get on the Internet I end up getting tagged as many times as the thing I need to write the meme about and Karen got me too on another post.

  4. It was a given to me at the BotCon convention. It is the first Air Freshener I have ever put in that car. I haven’t been able to identify the scent of it yet.

  5. Thanks Blues Butterfly I like it too.
    I just got signed up with Pownce yesterday, I’ll give that a try for a while.

  6. I found a place online to get them. this one has the Autobot symbol on the back and was special for the BotCon 2007 convention gift bag. Not sure if these are available anywhere.

  7. My husband would kill for one of those. We laughed so hard when we saw that in the movie. Bumblebee has always been his favorite 🙂

    LOVE IT!

  8. Laurie, thanks for commenting, I have a link to where they can be ordered in the comments section of this post. I liked the air freshener too and thought it was a good touch to Bumblebee.

  9. Thank you very much Rach. I thought it looked pretty cool myself, like it is glowing and very very old.

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