Photo-A-Day #845 08/01/07


Today Allison and I picked up our rug for the dining room. It looks really nice. I will be posting some photos later in the week. We also had a nice dinner at the British Beer Company in Walpole. I had a very tasty pasty. They are the best. I had enough left over for tomorrow’s lunch.

After work I took the Tripod out around the house again. Today I found a few different things to photograph. My friend the garter snake was back out there again, like clockwork. I didn’t get and shots of him because he was rather shy. Here are a few things I saw around the back yard.

Photo-A-Day #845b 08/01/07 Photo-A-Day #845c 08/01/07 Photo-A-Day #845b 08/01/07

I also observed some other types of bees, these had much green on them. I don’t have any clue what kind they are. But they were doing some interesting things.

Photo-A-day #845e 08/01/07
This unsuspecting bee goes about gathering pollen. When suddenly….
Photo-a-Day #845f 08/01/07
A sneak attack from another bee sends them both tumbling off the flower.
Photo-A-Day #845g 08/01/07
This bee tirelessly gathers pollen from the flower. Do you see movement over there on the right? Who could it bee…
Photo-A-Day #845h 08/01/07
The interloper bee attacks again and both bees tumble off the flower. These bees dive bombed each other over and over, not sure if much pollen got gathered but they were interesting to watch.

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14 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #845 08/01/07”

  1. I have never heard of the British Beer Company. I’m going to have to check it out. Do they actually make their own beer there?

    Very nice pics…I especially like the purple flowers. I’d love to see a pic of that snake sometime, though. I actually like snakes!

  2. The BBC is on Route one in Walpole, Ma. They have many good things. They have Royal pu pu platter filled with all sorts of things that taste awesome but are so bad for yah, yummy. The do not make their own beer but they have many in bottles and on tap. I put up the snake on the PAD for the past couple of days. Glad you like the flowers.

    You have earned 5 Points for BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest

  3. Hello Todd, thanks very much for the compliment. I really appreciate it. And coming from a photographer with your experience that is awesome. Thanks for checking them all out. I post the best of the best on my Zooomr Account.

  4. Hi CallMobil,
    Glad you like the photo. You may use the image for the birthday card. In return could you post it on your blog and write a small post about my photos? Thanks.

  5. I enjoy the photos…but I like your “bee” pun the mostest:) Ha! Check you out with the pithy wit!

  6. Nice bee photos.
    I love having snakes in my garden.
    Some people hate them, but you and I realize how beneficial they are.

  7. Even though snakes scare me a bit, I imagine them striking at me for getting too close. But I know that they are very good to have around the garden too, and they are cool to photograph.

  8. That’s a beautiful picture. It reminded me of a television show I was watching about this lady that was horribly allergic to bees. She got stung by a bee during her wedding, which was indoors. It had flown up her dress, and the thought she just had an itch, so she went to scratch it and it stung her. Luckily, she had enough adrenaline pumping because of the wedding that the effects were nominal.

  9. Hey found your blog through bumpzee, and I’m enjoying the pictures as well as your amusing descriptions. That’s pretty interesting that the bees would just knock each other off. One would think that the plethora of flowers in a garden would minimize jealous turf wars. But I guess those exists everywhere no matter how much land is available. The most desired asset is the one that someone else has. Amusing indeed!

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