Photo-A-Day #850 08/06/07

Old School Camera

It is back to being hot and gross outside, again. I got caught in the rain leaving work without my umbrella. It is usually in my backpack, has been since Vancouver in 2003. But it ended up being in the back seat of my car. Oh well. And I feel like I haven’t properly dried out yet. We had hazy hot and humid dinner of scrambled eggs, English muffin, fresh blueberries (picked by my sister Tara in Walpole, NH), and some strawberries. I certainly did not feel like cooking and neither did Allison.

This is one of the old cameras that is in our collection. We got it from Dan and Marcia when they moved. It is on display in the entertainment center. Sure make you think about hos far things have come in terms of technology.

My friend Mo gave me a great suggestion for the BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest. She pointed me towards The blog has many great DIY projects for photographers. They are even looking for a person to be a part-time Writer & Editor! If you think that would suit you here is more information.

Photojojo ( is looking for one (1) awesome dude or dudette to be a part-time writer + editor + photographer + DIYer for our kick-ass photography newsletter.

This is a freelance, part-time position. You’ll be involved in all aspects of the creation of Photojojo: finding awesome photo stuff, writing and editing, finding and working with contributors, taking and editing photos, writing simple HTML, and publishing emails.

We want a creative writer who loves loves loves photography and isn’t afraid to get glue on his/her hands. Someone who can write friendly, fun, and efficient prose that makes people smile.

You’ll learn lots, have fun, and earn some dough. Plus you’ll be spreading awesome photography goodness to over 100,000 photography fans, twice a week!


Excellent writing skills, with the ability to write in a friendly, fun voice that matches Photojojo. An unnatural love for photography. The ability to write quickly and regularly on deadline. Superhuman organizational and follow-up skills. Internet-savviness, basic Photoshop skills, excellent photography skills, and knowledge of basic HTML (making links, embedding images, etc.)


You’re up on popular culture, follow the latest photo stuff already, consider yourself a poet, but aren’t afraid to occasionally let out your inner geek. It helps if you live in NYC or San Fran, but it isn’t essential.

Read the full instructions here:

Sounds pretty interesting. I signed up for their newsletter and signed up for the forum and posted a topic about the contest. Mo gets 10 points for the suggestion because by signing up for Photojojo you can learn more great photography tips.

It also looks like my posting of the scores for the Benspark’s August Add it Up contest has kicked people into overdrive. I have so many points to count up right now. Christine wrote up a post about the contest – A very clever contest…. Drop her a comment on that post and earn some points in the contest too. Even Stephen The Dog went overboard and commented on a bunch of my videos. Even ones that wouldn’t get him points. But hey at least he watched them and decided to mock me in the process, gotta love that dog.

Go by and visit my wife’s blog at Sparky’s View, she was the FuelMyBlog Blog of the day today. While you are there ask her for knitting photos and guess the details on our baby in the baby pool.

16 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #850 08/06/07”

  1. Pretty cool photo of an old camera. It really does make you think about how far things have come in technology – many of us don’t even use standard film anymore… viewfinders are digital… flash units have changed a lot too.

  2. It always makes me thing how far things have gone and how full circle things have also come. I have an old film camera for taking movies and it is slightly larger tan the handheld one I have today. Much heavier but still around the same size.

  3. Film? What’s film? Oh, I think I remember…

    Cool old camera. I love old stuff like that!

    My crock-pots have been getting a lot of use these days…it’s one of the only ways to cook without heating up the kitchen.

    Off to check out Tech Tuesday!

  4. I should be crock pot cooking much more often. You recipe this week sounds delicious, gotta wait for the cooler months though.

  5. I’m glad you liked that blog…I’ve been meaning to tell you about it for some time now and can’t believe I hadn’t yet! Why don’t you apply for that little job??

    Ha-I didn’t even think about points either…I was seriously just trying to share:) But thanks for the bonus!! Ha!!

  6. That’s Smithsonian material you have at home. Definitely a conversation piece when you have guests over. I remember the little flash bulbs that use to go onto those cameras.

  7. It does add a little something to the room. The other pieces are much cooler though. I will have to take photos of them too. I actually do have a photo of one posted from the Photo Hunt themed Rare.

  8. Denis,
    Some older cameras of course take better photos, but the new ones out there take some amazing photos. I’d give new a try.

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