Photo-A-Day #851 08/07/07


This is a flower that is up the street from my house. I took it because it just looked so perfect, the colors are fun. I was also testing out a new device that I will be talking about later in the week. I have to put it through its paces before I can truly review it. But I do have to say that once I learn all I can about this device the applications will be pretty amazing. Be on the lookout for that review.

The Contest is going well, there are quite a few people playing. Stephen the Dog dropped out but he did write up a nice post about the contest. And I appreciate that. I also appreciate the really thoughtful and insightful comments that I have seen on my photos lately. Wow, that is overwhelming.

I talked up the contest a bit over at Blog Catalog. I started a discussion there asking people for constructive criticism on how to make the contest better. There was one person who responded and I am going to take one of his faults with the contest and make that something positive. I am putting up a leader board on the sidebar. The leader board will be updated each day when I post the Photo-A-Day post. So if you did something after that then it won’t show up till the next day. I will also link to your blog. So some sidebar linky love. The Rules Post will also have the leader board on it.

Today I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.2 I thought I blew it away for a bit there but everything is fine now. That was a tense moment.

16 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #851 08/07/07”

  1. Love the flower…looks like one of those gerbera daisies that I love so much.

    I am going to be forever scared of upgrading to anything…the memory of the Ye Olde Dead Blogge Incident of April 2007 still lingers in my memory. That was scary, but at least my host had a decent backup and got it all back for me.

    But I’m still nervous! Glad nothing bad happened to you!

  2. No kidding. I remember that incident. I thought I had totally torqued my whole blog. Luckily I didn’t I am very happy with my hosting service that Go Daddy recommended.

  3. I like how the photo is centered and the colors just play off each other. In fact, when I look at it long enough my eyes play tricks on me and it seems like the purple gets darker and lighter from the center. CRAZY purple flower!! I like it!!

  4. Thanks Mo, the comments are pretty cool. I do find that this image has a somewhat hypnotic effect. That is from the depth of field. Macro is fun.

  5. I think that Christine says they are gerbera daisies. I don’t know my flowers but I know that they are really pretty. Thanks glad you like the colors.

  6. I have free time so I am going to comment. However I don’t wish to comment on this flower. Flowers are nice and yes I do like flowers but this is not the time or place for that.

    We live in a time when there is so much going on in the world. It is refreshing to see that people still have the time to go out and smell the flowers or in this case look at a picture of a flower.

    Media is changing the world. Do I like it no. Can I do anything about it probably not. I am just one small dog in a dog eat dog world.

    Maybe if I had thumbs I could be more influential but without them I am kind of lost.

    Blogs are Blogs and Frogs are Frogs but well reality is cool lap it up.

  7. I don’t know Stephen, you seem pretty influential even without the thumbs. And insightful last thought there.

  8. Thank you Aaron,
    You link wasn’t added properly I will fix it. That site looks like a good resource while I am on the road traveling.

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