Photo-A-Day #853 08/09/07

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Today after work I took a ride to my favorite comic book store and at the same time I took my DSLR with me to try it out with the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr. I synced the camera and the GPS but made a human error and mixed up the military time in my head and on the DSLR. But when I uploaded the photos to the software the times would not match up. Luckily I could also move the images around manually to give them the correct GPS information, approximately based on what I remembered.

Here are the rest of the images that I uploaded to Flickr today. I should upload a couple over at Zooomr tomorrow. Let me know which ones are good enough to post over on Zooomr. I like to put the best of the best there.

Photo-A-Day #853b 08/09/07 Photo-A-Day #853c 08/09/07
Photo-A-Day #853d 08/09/07 Photo-A-Day #853e 08/09/07
Photo-A-Day #853f 08/09/07 Photo-A-Day #853g 08/09/07
Photo-A-Day #853h 08/09/07 Photo-A-Day #853i 08/09/07

I am concerned about my camera though. It is making a lot of noise when it auto focuses. This past weekend I went to take a photo of a birds nest in the bushes. I came away with my hands covered in tiny spiders. They were also all over my camera, I spent about 30 minutes getting them all off the camera. I have a feeling that a couple got into the mechanism and got squished the next time I used the camera. I have no idea but it is annoying me big time.

Contest Update:
Today brought a slew of additional write ups for the contest. Mo wrote a very cool post about the contest and tossed in links-a-plenty. I see that she finally has Internet access restored and will be a force to reckon with during the rest of the month. You can read her post called I’ve never been really good at math… on her blog We’re In A Fight.

Scott of the Wallhogs blog gave me BIG ups today by posting one of my photos and writing up about the contest. He picked a photo for the Wallhogs blog from last month from my trip to Butterfly World. I’m awarding Scott the 50 points for writing up the contest and he can earn another 25 by writing up one of my photos sometime later this month. In fact anyone playing can pick from any of my photos from the month of August (ones on Buzznet, Flickr or Zooomr) and write about it. You will earn 25 points for your effort and all players who leave a good comment on the post will receive 5 points.

Unrelated to the contest but still very cool is the fact that Meeyauw started her own Photo-A-Day blog. Way to go. I love her photos and am looking forward to each photo each day.

Lisa at My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings wrote up a great post about two of my photos. She really liked some of my landscape photographs. Thanks Lisa, I like them too, I even use the second on on the post as my own personal screensaver. Lisa also made a suggestion for a way in which participants could earn points. It was to have a photo-a-day contest. One day I will post a bunch of photos, one from each participant who would like to submit one and have people vote on which one they like the most. Points for submitting and points for winning. 10 points to Lisa for the suggestion. I will work out the details of this and send everyone an e-mail with instructions sometime later this week or next.

10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #853 08/09/07”

  1. The sunflower in the foreground is just begining to sprout, the one in the background has fully sprouted. Sunflowers are pretty fun to photograph.

  2. Sunflowers are my favorite!! What a lovely way to start the day!!! Thanks DB! This shot is sweet…like a baby and it’s Mama! Very nice eye!

  3. Thank you Mo, I had a good time shooting all the sunflowers at that farm. Wish my camera wasn’t acting funky though.

  4. Ever notice how when the sun is bright it gets really hot but a nice if sort of gets cooler. I wonder if the sun has anything to do with heat. I always think of the sun as a huge lemon in the sky. Do you think the sun tastes bitter.

    I bet the sun would taste really bitter. Where does it go at night. Does the sun get tired. It just kind of sits there and does not do too much.

  5. I wonder if there is a correlation? Hmmm, do dogs spend their days pondering this when they are not being plagued with the sound of a house alarm?

  6. You might want to check out some of the folks around here on Sunday’s The Green Thumb Sunday crowd is full of knowledge like that. I just think they are pretty.

  7. I just thought of another way to get points 🙂 You could make us a widget/banner/whatever you want to call it and we get points for putting it in our sidebar. I get points — you get more exposure — its a win-win. 🙂

  8. Good idea Lisa,
    The banner I made at the top of the page was one that I offered folks to put up on one day. I may do another random day and ask people to post it for points. I’ll have to think on that one.

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