Photo-A-Day #865 08/21/07


Today I spent the morning touring a hospital’s lab in CT. It was a nice day and good to meet with new people. After the demo my supervisor and I rode back up through tons of traffic and rain. (Meeyauw, we saw the Ct. traffic that you remember). Because it rained nearly the entire drive back it was doubly nice to see that around home it was not raining. I got out of the care an immediately went to check out the couple of sunflowers that I have been watching. This is a photo of the one from yesterday’s PAD.

Photo-A-Day #865b 08/21/07

And then this one is an even larger and taller one that is not yet in full bloom but I suspect that some of the petals will be giving a peace sign soon.

Photo-A-Day #865b 08/21/07

The Photo-A-Day flower is neither a sunflower nor a Black Eyed Susan, I am anxious to see what it will be.

Contest Update. The contest is still geared up. Lisa and Mo are neck and neck. Do you wonder how they are getting such great point scores. They take advantage of commenting on all the photos that have been posted on Flickr, Zooomr and Buzznet. Did you know that you have one full week to leave comments on the photos hosted on those locations? Those 5 points each really add up. So any photo from the 15th of August on is fair game, and there are many photos that you can comment on. I still need many more votes in the Super Bowl contest. I am all the way in 4th place. I would like to at least be in the top three. So if you want 100 points you can write a post urging people to vote for me, if you send the most people my way to vote you also get an additional 50 points and if you vote each day you get 5 points per day.

Contest Participants: Earn 5 points a day for fueling for my blog.

8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #865 08/21/07”

  1. I’m very anxious to see what the photo a day flower will be!!!

    I’m sorry you got stuck in traffic…that eats. I always wanted to get stuck in traffic in CT and then take a detour to Stars Hollow. But that is the fictional town from Gilmore Girls…so I guess I never wanted to get stuck in traffic in CT afterall.

    True story.

  2. I hadn’t realized that GG was in CT. I guess I need to start taking pictures of things other than flowers. I’ve got to find a new subject.

  3. I for one and defintely sick of the flower theme. How dangerous is it to take a picture of a flower. How about some action traffic photos or some photos of a wild boar.

  4. I’ll try and contact John Locke about the Wild Boar, so do you want me to run through traffic snapping my photos as I dodge and weave the cars, or should I hang out at the front of a parked car and stick my head and camera out to snap shots at passing 18 wheelers. That may just cut photo-a-day down to photos of my hospital room and I expect that there would be flowers in the room. So really you are asking me to take more flower photos I guess.

  5. My sister set me straight the first one is also a sunflower, just a different variety the open one and the huge looking one is a Mexican Giant Sunflower. So it is going to be huge. But we have birds that steal the sunflowers and then fly up with them and drop them on the driveway to smash them and eat the seed, we found a fallen one today.

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