Photo-A-Day #868 08/24/07

Stray Cat

Today I set up my Gizfolio. That is the account that I won from the Gizfolio and FuelMyBlog Photo Contest. I went through my photos and figured out which ones I wanted to feature, I could only choose 16, which is actually a good thing because that makes the Gizfolio look really professional. I love the interface of Gizfolio. No only can I control what the final images will look like I can also create the thumbnails to look the way I want them rather than have a computer program do it for me. So now I am going to see what people think about the Gizfolio and see if I get any hits for freelance jobs. Check out my Gizfolio and let me know what you think.

(on soapbox) I have to get this one off my chest. what is wrong with people. I just learned about a cat that had its eyes spray painted shut. Spray Painted Shut! What the hell kind of person does that. Two things that really turn my stomach are child abuse and animal cruelty. There really is no punishment too high for people who commit those heinous acts. Makes me incredibly sick to hear these things. Here is a link to the story with video. Makes me so mad.(off soapbox)

On to happier news, today was a nice day. Allison and her mom had a good time out shopping while I worked from home. After work I went out to get a few shots of the sunflowers to see how they are progressing. The one that I took the other day that I thought looked a little like a rose is some sort of Red sunflower. Both my sister and I were amazed to see it. You see the flowers that were planted were just planted, not really planned. Tara has asked me to keep the photos that I have been taking so she can show her bio class students the progress. I’m more than willing to take a ton of pictures. she certainly asked the right guy. While we were outside we heard two cats fighting. And today’s photo is of one of those cats. Isn’t she beautiful. What amazing markings on her face.

While I was taking photos, I got some for Macro Monday and one that Stephen the Dog asked me for and that was a chainsaw. I’m not sure why Stephen wants to see trees cut down but he requested a chainsaw and it was something interesting to macro shoot.

Photo-A-Day #868b 08/24/07

The Contest is still going very strong. Lisa jumped into the lead with two big wins, she won the Add It Up Photo Contest and she got the most people to vote for me at FuelMyBlog. Lisa is now 95 points higher than Mo and being closely followed in third by Christine. Last night I added another way to get more points. I’m doing another contest in September and am looking for help in promoting it. 100 points to anyone in the game for posting about the September XShot contest. And I’m giving away 10 points to each contestant for a comment on these posts. So far we have Mo, Lisa, and Christine who have written posts about the contest.

Well, Allison is having a shower tonight and I’m headed out to the movies, If you were looking for Flower photos, you are going to have to wait till either tomorrow or Sunday as I ran out of time to get them all processed.

12 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #868 08/24/07”

  1. Sadly, there are teen thugs in my neighborhood who are capable of doing such horrible things. Once, my landlady caught a pair of them trying to shoot at her dogs, who were in the fenced-in yard, with a pellet gun…just for “fun”. They ran off, and I don’t know if the cops ever caught them or not.

    That’s a big part of why we keep our cats inside. It’s just too dangerous for them around here.

    That’s a cute kitty in the picture!

  2. People are just vicious and cruel. That really upsets me to no end. Like the people defending Michael Vick and saying the outrage is a race issue…it’s not…it’s a humanity issue. There should be zero tolerance for child, elderly, and animal cruelty. Sickening.

    Speaking of cats fighting, Simba got out last night and Nala went NUTS when we heard those awful cat screams. The reason I hate when Simba gets out is because he was de-clawed (before we got him at the shelter) and really shouldn’t get out. But I think my cat takes his name very seriously because he came back without a scratch on him. I think the animals out there are afraid of him!! We finally lured him back in with tuna…insane.
    As much as I’ve always said that I’m not a big cat person…yeah…I was near tears last night looking for him. I would be so upset if anything happened!!

    The cat pictured is very pretty!

  3. We are seeing the same thing around here too Christine. There are some groups of kids who cause all sorts of trouble around out area. I haven’t heard of many hurting animals though. Which is good. But we keep our cats inside as well because I would hate to see anything happen to them.

  4. I knew I should have also added elder abuse because that is sickening as well. Sickening things done by weak individuals.

    I get worried about our boys getting out too, they are not declawed but they would be frightened, they are pampered house cats.

  5. We’ll have to set up the room and put up some photos. We got lots of great books, reading is one of our things so the invites said, build the baby’s library with your favorite baby book.

  6. I know what you mean about cruelty to children and animals. Some people just need to hurt those who are innocent and defenseless. It looks like the cat is trying to stick its tough out at you.

  7. I don’t know if I am going to read that article; I have been hearing more and more of this kind of thing.

    That tortie you photographed is striking. This is the time for those cat fights. I’m fed up with them, and almost, ALMOST but not quite, wish winter would come to settle them down. They sleep and get fat all winter.

    Remind Stephen that chain saws cut his trees down and he won’t be able to pee then with no trees.

  8. I;m pretty sure that the cat would most certainly stick her tongue out at me. She is giving me a “look” for sure.

  9. Meeyauw, I wish I hadn’t read the article or saw the video, these things just make me so sad and also mad. It is so frustrating and will become much more so when I am caring for a new life.

    That tortie has great coloring. And I’m hoping for cat fights to stop soon.

    Sometimes I try to talk logic with Stephen but then I remember that he is a dog. In five minutes he’s going to be all about saving trees.

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