Photo-A-Day #873 08/29/07

Today I flew home from Minnesota. I love getting out there and visiting the Mall of America. Next time I am going to the basement aquarium.

Getting in and out of the MSP airport is also very easy. I found a great place for eating, it is called IKE’s. They make the best breakfasts in the whole airport. And they have an appetizer that I would really like to try, lobster on a stick. It is a high end type of corn dog but instead it had lobster inside. Sounds yummy.

My flights were good, see when I have good flights they are much less interesting. I caught up on more podcasts and read a photography magazine cover to cover. See, not that interesting.

I won a contest over at Gadget Girl, my new favorite Tech blog (behind Flatwater Tech of course, sorry Loretta 🙂 ). Loretta and Blog & Podcaster magazine gave away three subscriptions and I was one of the lucky three to have my name pulled out of the hat or however it was chosen, the tape got munched by the computer gremlins. Anyway I am very excited to receive this magazine.

And today brought the end of BenSpark’s August Add It Up Contest. And the winners were Mo, Lisa and Christine. I had 18 total contestants and 13 that were pretty active. And I had so much fun counting up all the points responding to great comments and receiving some awesome feedback on so many things.

I missed two days of photographing the sunflowers but today I caught back up on my sunflower duties. Some of the flowers are already wilted. And some have bloomed. Here are some photos.

Photo-A-Day #873b 08/29/07
Photo-A-Day #873c 08/29/07

And Don’t forget the September XShot Photo Contest!

8 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #873 08/29/07”

  1. Oh, I guess I failed to explain that. The image is of one area of the MSP airport near IKE’s and the E gates. It really looks cool as you look up.

  2. Melissa, so very nice of you to start commenting on the blog. I really appreciate it. And glad you like the flowers.

  3. Ah, those are some beautiful flowers. Congrats on winning AND having a peaceful and uneventful flight. lol It seems the less stress and annoyances that occur when traveling the better.

    Sadly I’ve never been to the mall of America, although I have desperately wanted to go for a very long time now. ;_;

  4. Hi Joana,

    I know I should be thankful for an uneventful flight however sometimes they make for more entertaining blog posts. Thanks for the congrats about winning the subscription. I was excited about it, I look forward to reading that magazine. The Mall of America is pretty fun, I hope you get there someday.

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