Photo-A-Day #879 09/04/07

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Today it was back to the office after a couple of weeks. Or at least it felt like that. Crazy sometimes. Well, I have some big news I was promoted effective September 1st and it was announced yesterday. So now I am a Senior Marketing Support Rep. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve been working for the past 6 years at a promotion and when you make a lateral move that sets the time line back a bit. But now I have been promoted and I am going to be looked at to take even more of a leadership role in my group, so that is exciting.

Other exciting news for me was that I won a Zune from I Rate My Day. Nearly a year ago I was debating about getting a Zune over an iPod. I totally love my iPod and wouldn’t part with it but I love tech and having my own Zune is sweet! Proof again that I need to play the lottery.

I also got an online honor a long time ago but it came to the forefront of my mind yesterday when I was asked to be part of Blue Ribbon Bloggers. If you haven’t heard of the blog fairy well sadly she has passed away. She would visit blogs and those that were worthy of her award were granted that award. She was secret and read many blogs, you wouldn’t even know she had come by. But she stopped by here and I was too busy to write a post about getting the award. I just found out that the real blog fairy has passed away and her daughter Gracie Belle has taken over blog fairy duties. She even invited me to be part of a new blog called The Original Blue Ribbon bloggers. I had been tagged for this long ago and now I am part of that new blog. Here is the blog award that I should have posted long ago.

Blue Ribbon Blogger

This is another example to me that I never quite know who is in my audience and how my writing may affect them. I’ve been the recipient of a few awards online that I have yet to blog about. I will blog about them very soon.

Today also brought with it a great package in the mail that I have been awaiting ever since I got the e-mail telling me about it. My 2008 calendar from Mark Eccleston arrived. Mark is a fantastic blogger and photographer. His work is some of my favorite stuff online. He recently e-mailed me to let me know that he put together some of his work from the past year and made a 2008 calendar through I have to say I am going to have to “borrow” that idea and make a BenSpark, Photo-A-Day calendar for 2008. Would anyone be willing to take a look through my photos on Buzznet, Flickr and Zooomr to pick out 12 of their favorite photos and I will put together a 2008 calendar? And since you can’t have enough calendars at the same time I encourage you to pick up Mark’s calendar, I was very happy to get it today. I even photographed the unwrapping and my favorite photo.

Getting the calendar
Unwrapping excellence
Favorite Shot

Tonight we went to The Stone Forge in Foxboro to see our good friends Autumn and Kenny. It was also the return of Pasta Joe. If you are in the Foxboro/Attleboro/Mansfield Area and you remember the old Funway Cafe they used to have pasta nights where you could pick out everything you wanted in your pasta and Pasta Joe would make it right there in front of you. And oh my God is it heaven on a plate. I chose Shrimp, Chicken, Sausage and scallops for my meats and then broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers a, sun dried tomatoes as my veggies and bowtie pasta in a pink alfredo sauce. So awesome!

Photo_A-Day #879b 09/04/07

It was great to get a chance to spend some time with Autumn and Kenny. We are all so busy what with their new house and our soon to arrive new baby it has taken us a while to reconnect. But it was great food and great conversation and we need to do that much sooner next time. Now with Pasta Nights back at the Stoneforge (Funway) we will have to get back there more often.

Also today I posted my most recent Tech Tuesday at FuelMyBlog. Please read Tech Tuesday with BenSpark #16 and let me know what you think.

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  1. I try to keep busy, I commend you for catching up, that required some major commitment. You could have been out photowalking.

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