Photo-A-Day #887 09/12/07

Family Shot

Tonight we had a nice dinner with Erik, Tara, Mom and Dad. Tara made a delicious meal and we celebrated Erik’s 30th birthday. A very nice time was had with all. After Dinner I captured our enjoyment with the XShot.

I still haven’t received any entries in the XShot 2: Photos from You contest. Did you know that you can get an XShot at a discounted price using my promo code of SPARK0907? You can and then you can use your XShot to take a creative image, the most creative one wins $100.00.

On the way home I drove by the pasture to see if I could catch the cows for a photo. Unfortunately they were a bit far away, I captured this image but would like to get much closer. I pulled over tot he side of the road and walked across the street with my camera and telephoto lens. However I didn’t get that close. And there were some kids riding their bikes and I didn’t want their parent’s thinking I was some crazy abductor guy. So I snapped this shot of the cows and left.

Photo-A-Day #887b 09/12/07

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #887 09/12/07”

  1. I’ve been thinking of a good idea for this contest, and I just now thought of something that might be cool. I am hoping to be able to do it this weekend.

    If I’m going to be dragged to that trolley car museum, dang it, I’m gonna get something useful out of it, oh yes I will!

  2. See I knew there could be something beautiful about this image. Thanks Hummie.

    Check out the XShot, it is a great device that I have used many times and it is well worth the $20 to buy it. Then enter my contest. You could win $100.00. I have had no entries yet.

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