Photo-A-Day #889 09/14/07

Today I got to work early so I could take some photos of the swans that we have in a small pond on the company property. I think in my 6 years with the company they have had quite a few swans come and go. It is always nice to see them as I drive in to park the car. I loved how the light played on the water and there was some steam rising off the water at 6:45am. Unfortunately I could not get that close to them even with the telephoto lens. But I walked around and tried as best I could to get some good shots.

Photo-A-Day #889b 09/14/07 Photo-A-Day #889c 09/14/07
Photo-A-Day #889d 09/14/07 Photo-A-Day #889e 09/14/07

Tomorrow we are having a yard sale at the house. I got home and moved out a bunch of stuff into the garage. MY sister and I poured though boxes and labeled a bunch of things. As we were going through the boxes we came across some old cameras including the one that we both learned our skills on. It was my father’s Pentax K1000 camera. I turned on the flash and it fired up. The front is a bit f=dinged and is missing the right hand cover. But we will put it on the entertainment center after we clean it up, then we will display it so that the dinged side cannot be seen. We also discovered an old canon camera and I took that as well because of the display that we are building with the old cameras. We even discovered an old Popular Photography magazine from 1983. It is funny to look back through those magazines, it was full of cigarette ads as well as some subscription tabs with nudes on them. Very interesting. I took a shot of the camera find.

Photo-A-Day #889f 09/14/07

On an unrelated note I am getting friend requests 4 times a day. And that is really weird. I have been on the platform for a very long time and I don’t want to leave but it is starting to become full of kids (15 & 16) who are there to accumulate tons of friends. I’m looking to meet other photographers who have actual photos and aren’t there to make virtual friends and add them to their virtual friend roundup.

And also of some good news Robert Scoble and his wife Maryam welcomed Milan William Scoble into the world. Thomas Hawk went to visit the family and took some awesome photos and wrote up a post about the visit. Such great photos. Thomas we are having our first baby soon, wanna come to MA and photo document our first 24 hours? Just kidding, I’ll be photographer that day. Here is my favorite photo of the bunch. and Thomas has a ton of great ones on his Zooomr account.

Welcome to the World Milan William Scoble, #3

2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #889 09/14/07”

  1. Now I am catching up! This is the story behind that other photo and the pieces are falling into place.

    But I have to catch up on the rest of the world: I thought Scoble too old, like my age or worse. I have to go see those photos. I dropped their feeds awhile ago because it was all, well, I won’t say. But I dropped them both.

    I still don’t know when your baby is coming except “soon”!

  2. Sorry, Baby is coming in October. I like Scoble’s photowalking stuff. That is what got me interested, then I signed up for all his podcasts and within mere days it took over my iTunes. I since refined what I wanted and am glad that Photowalking has its own category now.

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