Photo-A-Day #909 10/04/07


Today I was leaving to go to my comic book shop to get some of the books that I still collect and as I was leaving the house I ended up walking by the bushes and saw a a large spiderweb. The spider was also very large. I didn’t have my camera with me either. I know I was violating the photography rules because I should have it with me all the time. So I was lucky that the spider was still there when I got back. Actually it wasn’t but I tickled the web with a caterpillar weed and the spider flew out tot he middle of the web. Knowing a bit about behavior of arachnids helps me take some cool shots. These are all of the same Spider from multiple angles.

Photo-A-Day #909b 10/04/07 Photo-A-Day #909c 10/04/07 Photo-A-Day #909d 10/04/07 Photo-A-Day #909e 10/04/07

7 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #909 10/04/07”

  1. Ewww! …. Well…awesome picture… disgusting subject matter!

    LOL. I’ve like deathly afraid of spiders, kinda embarrassing for a guy to admit that but wow. I mean, like I totally freak out if one lands on me or is close to me. I got mad at my boyfriend for letting one create a spider web across the door frame for his back door, he looked at me and said it caught the flies and other bugs from coming in. *shakes head*.

    I also live in Texas so I’m always afraid I’ll come into contact with a Brown Recluse, ugh. That freaks me out, such a dangerous spider.

    Anyway, nice picture. 😀

  2. Thanks Mike. I am a bit fascinated with some spiders. We have a few of these big guys out in front of the house. This one was about the size of a small walnut. And it moves real fast.

    Spiders will most likely leave you alone. I know it is an unconscious reaction and many people are scared of them but they really won’t hurt you. The Brown recluse, well that is another story.

  3. That was a totally unconscious subject choice. Wow, that is funny. Or was it unconscious. Was Spider Pig in my subconscious?

  4. How beautiful! This is definately one of your best ones yet. 🙂 I’m glad to see someone else can admire the beauty of arachnids instead of immediately hunting for bug spray or a shoe. I live with one arachnophobic whose mission in life seems to be to hunt them all down and kill them. 🙁 Do you by chance know what kind of spider it is?

  5. Thanks Joana,
    I wish I knew what kind it was, however I bet someone who visits will be able to identify it. That is usually what happens to me. It is a big one though.

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