Photo-A-Day #918 10/13/07

A full day with Eva at home has been a joy. She has been doing very well with her two jobs, nursing and expelling waste. She’s a champ at both. She tricked Mom and Dad today with a sneak pee. She’s had more wardrobe changes than an Oscar night host. But Mom and Dad are getting the hang of this and she is settling into a fairly loose schedule that will tighten up as days go by.

I finally got myself caught up on all posts, and e-mails and comments and whatnot. So I’m all back up to speed. Tomorrow I have to file all of our baby paperwork and start on all things that we need to fill out to make sure we are up to date with everything.

We had quite a few visitors today. Amy and Ryan and Mason came over to visit Eva. Mason gave her some of the gifts that he picked out and that Amy gave us the other day. However he was much more interested in finding Duncan and Ollie. Both of them were totally freaked and hid all over the place. Duncan even hid on top of all the cabinets in the kitchen. Auntie Jenny also came over to visit. She helped me try and wrangle Mason and his interest in the kitties. Amy and Ryan also brought us a bunch of bagels because they are easy one handed foods.

After that Aunt Corrine and Cousin Haley came by to visit Eva. Corrine and Haley brought us a nice package of onesies, they are so cute. We are very excited about their good news and are very anxious for everything to come to fruition.

After lunch Aunt Millie and Uncle Freddie came to visit. They brought a bag full of great sleepers. They are all adorable including an “I Love Mommy and I Love Daddy” sleeper.

After that visit Allison and I took a little walk up the street and back with baby Eva to get her some sunshine and fresh air. I am going to really enjoy our little walks with Eva and even more so because I have my very own awesome diaper bag called a Baby Sherpa, on the way. I’ll be field testing and reviewing this product and will also have a discount code for all you active families out ther for some free shipping off your own Baby Sherpa.

When we were returning from our walk we were met by Auntie T.R. and Auntie Beth arrived. Auntie T.R. spent the visit holding Baby Eva and really enjoying the visit. While they were here I went and got the mail and to my surprise I got my newest prise, a Crane-Armed Yeti T-shirt from Sketch86. I won this because my “You, Me, Dan Off!” Shirt was a featured photo on their site. I also took a good little nap while T.R. and Beth were here.

We had the pulled pork meal from Dream Dinners for dinner and it was delicious. I should have gotten some cole slaw to go with it however.

Allison and I did get a little time to catch up on some of the shows we tapes this past week. More about those on BenSpark 2, tomorrow. It is time for us to all get to sleep.

I did upload more photos to Flickr though.

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  1. Elizabeth,
    I was blogging to and Twitter moments after Eva’s birth. I’ve made some great online relationships and have really wanted to alert the world of Eva’s coming into the world. Plus I am up at 2:47am watching over her. She is sleeping real good right now.

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