Photo-A-Day #927 10/22/07

Today Allison and I took Eva for a nice walk around the block and I checked out all the nice decorations on the street. We also saw this flower and the ones below it. They didn’t get demolished by the recent heavy rains and that s nice to see. The pink flowers I took photos of last week are all smashed to the ground from the rain.

I started on going through all the stuff in the dining room. We have to get this cleared out so that we can actually have meals in there. When we have more people than just Allison and I it is tough to eat comfortably. And I’m getting really tired of it. I want to have people over for meals and enjoy sitting around the table instead of the TV. I unpacked the Longerberger dishes as well as all the crystal glasses. So we are ready for people to come and have lots of wine, but no where to have it yet. I don’t even think I made a dent even though I took out two giant bags of recycling and a box and another small bag but yet still hard as anything to move around in there. AS Dad would say, too much stuff.