Photo-A-Day #931 10/26/07

Today I worked from home. Eva was fed and changed and awake so Allison left her home with me while she and Marcia went shopping. Eva was good for a while and then started to cry no matter what I did. I tried her in the swing. I tried our a little musical play set that she could interact with. She is too young. Since she doesn’t realize that those things at the end of her arms are attached to the rest of her she’s not going to get much fro a musical play set at the moment. But whatever. The play set is cool because it can go on the ground for “tummy time” or be in the air for play while Eva is on her back. For the heck of it I lay down beneath the thing and took this picture. What a cute non threatening thing-a-ma-bob.

My new blog Read to Me Dad has been moved to its own hosting. And I have a temp theme on the blog but it is getting the custom treatment. I can’t wait to show everyone what that will look like. But I did write my first review on that blog today. It is for a great book called “Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?” I have much to do on that blog.