Photo-A-Day #932 10/27/07

Another nice lazy day at home. However, Marcia and Allison cleaned the bathroom and changed the shower curtain and rugs. Marcia even got us a runner for the hallway. It looks nice at the place.

I picked up my comic books, some ink jet cartridges and invitations. We’re working on the baby’s baptism and birth announcements. And we will be making them ourselves just like we did the wedding invites. Gotta use that graphic arts background that I have. I haven’t had much time to do much about it on my blogs and whatnot. If I had the time I would have built some themes too. I need to get some time so I can do that. Making WordPress themes looks like fun. I’m getting a great new theme for my brand new blog Read to Me, Dad. The them is being made by Unique Blog Designs it is gonna be awesome.

Oliver and Duncan spent some time together today on the couch. They don’t spend that much time together these days unless they are pouncing on each other. They were so close together that you could not tell Duncan’s toes from Oliver’s.

Photo-A-Day #932b 10/27/07

Eva is going to watch her first Red Sox World Series game tonight.

Photo-A-Day #932c 10/27/07

She is in her giant onesie from her Uncle Nate. We’re watching it downstairs with Tara and Erik and some of the teachers that Tara works with as well as Mike. I think we might even get Uncle Erik to hold her tonight too.