Photo-A-Day #936 10/31/07

Today Allison, Eva and I said farewell to Mimi Marcia. I’m going to have to get back to making sure things are washed and cleaned around here. Marcia was a huge help around the house and cooked us some very tasty meals while she visited. She got home safely and we are looking forward to her next visit with Grandpa Dano when Eva has her Baptism. We are working on getting the word out for that right now.

Today was Halloween and Eva started the day in a very very cute outfit. And she had a cute little costume that we got from Derek and Michelle. Our cute little pumpkin. Here are a few pictures of that first outfit that we got from my cousin Jen.

Photo-A-Day #936e 10/31/07

Photo-A-Day #936d 10/31/07

Photo-A-Day #936c 10/31/07

Eva was a bit cranky later tonight but she was excellent when we went for lunch at Fortune House. The folks there were so nice and they were very excited to see us at the restaurant. While we were there we saw this on a car parked in front of us.

Photo-A-Day #936f 10/31/07

The trick or treaters were pretty light tonight but Eva was out in her pumpkin costume.

Photo-A-Day #936b 10/31/07

Our neighbor dresses up each Halloween, sits on his porch silent as anything and waits till kids come up to take candy out of the bowl. And as they put their hands in the bowl they are treated to a little fright. He “comes alive” and freaks them out. Many kids have seen it before but he gets better and better each day.

Photo-A-Day #936g 10/31/07

An awesome pirate zombie costume for sure. Happy Halloween Everyone.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #936 10/31/07”

  1. Eva looks adorable in her Halloween fashions!!!

    The picture of that car made me laugh out loud…I have to get one of those!! Haa!

    I’m glad you had such a great Halloween. I’m looking forward to visiting next week!!!

  2. Mo,
    We are very excited for our visit. I can’t wait for you to meet Eva. She will be so happy.

    The sign cracked me up too. I’ve seen quite a few of them and I used to know a website for them too.

  3. Hi Glenn,
    We did have a good time however Eva was a bit uncomfortable yesterday so she was a bit fussy. She’s doing a little better now. Her outfits were adorable though.

  4. Allison looks so great! I looked like a yuck for like a year. I don’t know how she does it. I am still envious of your baby clothes. Those mittens are to die for and I want some just like them.

  5. Eva has gotten so many article of clothes, good thing she goes through a few changes a day. Allison is doing very well on her recovery. I think she’s getting sick of all my photo taking, of her not the baby.

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