Photo-A-Day #955 11/19/07

today Allison and Eva came to visit me at work. We had a wonderful visit with my friends and then we had lunch in the caf. It was really nice to have Allison and Eva visit, they both got nametags too.

Here is a bonus photo from today

Photo-A-Day #955c 11/19/07

Tonight Allison went to Dream Dinners again to get some food for the rest of this month into next. I liked our fist month of Dream dinners and look forward to what we selected this month. It all sounded pretty delicious and we got a special offer for 3 free additional servings.

This morning my friend showed me the cell phone that he had stolen from him in a house break in.It was recovered and it had the wallpaper changed as well as some contacts of the guy who stole the phone. Brilliant. Mr. Fab, unfortunately this is probably what your phone is doing these days.

Photo-A-Day #955b 11/19/07

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  1. I can not beleive you don’t like beef Jerkey. I love that stuff. My A usually keeps some in his snowboard jacket. Sometimes he lets me have some. I really like it this time of year when he finds the Jerky that has been sitting in his jacket in the closet all summer. That is good jerky and for some reason he usually lets me have most of it

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