Photo-A-Day #962 11/26/07

You ever have one of those days where the weather hits you and puts you in a mood and don’t you just hate those days when you feel like Eeyore? Grumpy and gloomy. Today I felt a little like grumpy old Eeyore. And before you offer Stephen, no I don’t want you to take all the stuffing out of this Eeyore, Eva is finally seeing things above her and loves her mobiles. And I don’t think that you are the kind of dog that would make a baby cry on purpose. Me you’d make cry but not a baby. But that is beside the point, my point is the weather today was gloomy and rainy and I was gloomy and grumpy. Maybe not to anyone or anything but I felt that way today. I’m glad to be home.

The thing that is helping me pull out of the funk of the gloomy weather is the fact that I have three contests starting on December 1st. I am hosting three contests with three great companies. I’m hosting a contest here on The BenSpark with GiSTEQ Corp. One contest on The Wired Kayaker with Mad Gringo and one contest on Read to Me, Dad with Baby Sherpa. Check out the sites and get some ideas because we looking for some great posts for some awesome prizes. On December 1st all contests kick off.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #962 11/26/07”

  1. Wow that was harsh. I would not rip the stuffing out of a kids toy. I only rip the stuffing out of things I have been told I am allowed to rip the stuffing out of. I do however shred newspapers and mail without permission.

    I don’t want to make anyone cry. I would not ever try to make you cry. Next time you come over I will even give you a hug.

    Also next time the weather is crappy and you feel sad give me a call I will lick you head for 5-10 min. That seems to help my A

  2. That was not harsh. I said I don’t think that you would rip up a kids toy. You had been so helpful in offering your stuffing removal services in the past that I wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn’t asking for them this time.

    We’ll try out your mood enhancing licks at some point. Maybe you might open a spa for mood enhancing.

  3. I’m feeling more than a little Eeyore-like myself these days. I don’t know why…my winter funk normally comes after Christmas, and lasts until the day I see, on the news, the Red Sox equipment truck packed and heading down to Fort Myers. That is the Official Light At The End Of The Tunnel for me!

    I just need to come up with fun things to do, to make winter go by faster.

  4. I know how it is when something you love to do goes away for a while. I’ve been jonesing to get back out on the water but need to wait till next season.

  5. Regarding your contests… I notice Baby Sherpa is one of your mentioned companies. I love there backpacks. Definitely a solid product, and one worthwhile for a contest.

  6. Will,
    The Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack is great and I got it directly from the source, not another website like you were pushing. Your Spam will not be placed on my blog.

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