Photo-A-Day #970 12/04/07

Day #4 of the December Challenge and I recruited my friend Sue to be the subject of today’s portrait. We went to Max and Erma’s for dinner and then had fun over by the giant tub where you can make unlimited sundaes. It felt like I snapped photo after photo of Sue. I would take a photo, not be happy with it, too much flash, not enough, too blurry, not the right expression. Sue was really patient with me and finally we got the photo I wanted. A mischievous look and a whipped cream can at the ready. I didn’t want to push our luck buy having her actually use the whipped cream and I only had my point and shoot so it wouldn’t have come out crisp enough.

I also did a little touch up to the photo in Photoshop elements. There was a bottle of peanuts int he image that I didn’t notice till I processed the image. I did some sharpening and Sue’s face was in a shadow so I did a little dodging to make her face brighter. I think she has the perfect grin for this image too. Thanks for helping out Sue.

Today I am again on the road and I demoed late into the day and then drove from Clarion to Pittsburgh. Sue followed me most of the way until I took a turn off the highway, following the directions I had and ended up feeling a bit lost. Luckily she had stayed at the hotel we were going to the night before and then I followed her. That’s what I get for taking the directions that someone else printed for me. If you want something done right….

The contests are getting some submissions already. In addition to Neil’s submission for the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Lite I got another one today from Dan. Dan also wrote a very compelling post about the contest and he included an animation about why he should get one of these devices. Get your submission in early because if you do you get some extra link love from me each time I mention the contest. And speaking of mentioning the contest, Laura made an announcement about the contest on her blog. I hope she enters the contest as well. And Trevor at wrote about the contest as well. I hope he enters it too.

Don’t forget I am hosting two other contests and have yet to get any submissions for them. Entry into the contest is very easy. Just check out:

And Also I’m still doing well in the 3rd International Blog Cup but my opponent is catching up so I need votes every day please. Thanks.