Photo-A-Day #975 12/09/07

Day 9 of the December Challenge – Today we took Eva to meet Santa for the first time ever. We went to church with my parents this morning and then we had some muffins from Phantom Farms. As we had our muffins Dad went through the paper and read that Big Bully’s was having Santa from 1-5 at the restaurant. The restaurant has recently opened in the area, a quick search online we find that it used to be in Beverly, MA. I for one am glad that they moved here to North Attleboro.

So we decided to go to Big Bully’s for lunch and get photos of Eva with Santa. We’ve been talking about going to the mall to get that done but I am glad that we did not. Can you see Santa in this photo. Santa was awesome, he said hello to us and said, “Good to see you again Mom and Dad. How are you doing?” We were confused for a moment but then realized how good a Santa he was. He gave us some great tips so that Eva is not upset but Santa in the future. Keep the photo on the fridge for the year, then baby Eva will associate that she knows Santa and next year when she is older she will not be scared.

I brought my camera obviously, I wasn’t sure if having Santa was a way to do a fund raiser or something like that but no it was a way to get people in to the new restaurant. There were quite a few families and the owners took photos and gave us a card with the photo to keep. They were also very happy to let me take photos and Santa was very good about the tons of photos I took. Here is a second one.

Photo-A-Day #975b 12/09/07

Also just top remind you that Utterz has Holiday themed players here is the photo from today in the Utterz Player.

Don’t forget to check out my Utterz for some additional commentary on my Photo-A-Day and December Challenge images.

After lunch we went to Target and Stop and Shop to get some Christmas supplies and do some shopping. We got Eva the Amazing Animals Noah’s Ark and the Crocodile and the brand new Kangaroo. It is fun shopping with her with us as she has no clue that we are buying things for her. Plus the toys are rated for 6 months but I love them and she has tons of stuff right now to keep her occupied, like her fingers and whatnot.

Also today we got our Christmas decorations up into the dining room and Dad helped me move the Tree into the dining room too. We’ll be decorating it this week. Don’t worry, photos a plenty will be up.

10 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #975 12/09/07”

  1. Last night I was coe__nting on this post when I spilled ilk on y keyboard! I have survived except the “_” key doesn’t work! I a_ so relieved that that is the only da_age.

    So what I was trying to say: Eva’s eyes are blue.
    Also: did you happen to get Santa’s card? I swear that I dated hi_ long ago in Connecticut.

    (Have you figured out which key does not work? LOL)

  2. You seriously spilled milk on your keyboard and damaged only the M key? That is bizarre and well is it a strong coincidence or irony? Strange.

    I didn’t get Santa’s card although I should have given him mine, he was interested in my photography and very encouraging.

    Eva’s eyes are blue, we will see if they stay that way or turn brown by 6 months, but right now they are a deep blue.

  3. Eva’s eyes are staying blue. I don’t know why Drew keeps saying “we will see what happens.” She has BLUE Eyes! And they are staying that way.

  4. I don’t commit till all the ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed. 6 months is the cut off for eye change and so I will retain the wait and see mentality, it is who I am.

  5. Mr. Fab, you make me think of the Blues Brother’s

    “How much for the little girl? The women, how much for the women?”


    “Your women, I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters. Sell them to me. Sell me your childrens!”

    Thanks for the compliments, she is a cutie. But I think she’s gonna stay with Grandma and Grandpa if Mrs. BenSpark and I are able to catch up with you and Mrs. Fab when we are in FLA in February/March. 🙂

  6. Thanks Jenny She was wonderful with Santa, a bit confused and dazed but still absolutely wonderful. And this was a great Santa too.

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