Photo-A-Day #980 12/14/07

Today we took Eva outside for her first snowfall. Allison got her all set with her snowsuit and Eva started crying. As she walked down the stairs Eva fell asleep. Completely and utterly asleep. So we took her outside anyway. We took some video and plenty of photos. Here is another photo that I took and some that Allison took.

Photo-A-Day #980b 12/14/07 Photo-A-Day #980c 12/14/07 Photo-A-Day #980d 12/14/07

Oh and I made a video of the other photos and some video.

The December Challenge is in the second week and things are going great. So many people are participating.

Tonight had my first paying photography gig. I photographed the awards ceremony for a local high school science fair. I noticed that many students tend to look at the ground. It was very very hard to get good shots of them as they received their awards. I hope I got some good ones. I haven’t had the chance to review them yet.

Tomorrow we will trim the tree.

I postponed the Win a Baby Sherpa Diaper Backpack contest. I didn’t want to but there were no entrants so far and I really wanted to give Baby Sherpa a good return on their donated prizes. They have been very generous and we will try running the contest next month or the one after that.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Win a GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Lite as well as the Win a Mad Gringo Hawaiian Shirt. You still have time, please enter if you would like.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #980 12/14/07”

  1. OH, Drew – I was sooooo worried your daughter only had one ear! Thank goodness toward the end of the video her other little pink and white ear showed up. My daughter had floppy little bunny ears 25 years ago – and I called her ‘Bunny’ until she was 9.

    Eva is a darling and I can see you are such proud, loving parents – she’s a lucky little girl!

    Thanks for the lovely card. AND, congrats on the photography job!

    Merry Christmas to all 3 of you.


  2. Heather,
    Seeing as I met your daughter it is funny to think of her in a little bunny outfit as a kid. I can’t picture it but I bet she was a cutie in her outfit. Thanks so very much for the nice comments and the Christmas wishes. I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas and ring in the New Year with the style that I know you will.

    Allison and I have been catching up with our seasons of Smallville (and the use of the Langley Hospital as Smallville Medical Center). I totally miss Vancouver and hope to get back there someday. I hope I do, I’ll certainly have to see about a meet up if I ever get back.

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